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Helicopter Training Online at Hovercontrol.com
Introduction to Helicopter Flight Principles


Helicopter Training Center
Information for our training program and how to start

Helicopter Training Scenery
Scenery addons you will need for Hovercontrol training

Helicopter Training Tests
Testing online for our helicopter training program

Scheduling with Instructors
Forum for scheduling helicopter training with instructors

Helicopter Training Forum
Open forum for Hovercontrol Helicopter Training

More about Helicopter Training at Hovercontrol

About Our Flight Training

Important: Hovercontrol provides helicopter flight simulator training in a multiplayer environment for the purposes of entertainment and helicopter pilot apptitude development.

Hovercontrol does not offer certified helicopter training for professional helicopter pilots or those wishing to become professional helicopter pilots.

Using live instruction, real-time voice communications, and multiplayer flying environments Hovercontrol offers an engaging helicopter flight training program to help members of our community get the most out of the helicopter flight simulator experience while learning about the unique characteristics of helicopter flight.

Many of the past and present members that have been involved with the creation and implementation of our helicopter pilot training program are in fact professional helicopter pilots and instructors.

Those that have chosen to participate in the Hovercontrol helicopter training program come away from their Certified Pilot milestone with a sense of satisfaction and fellowship that is hard to match anywhere in the flight simulator world. Hovercontrol is proud to be part of that experience, and we enjoy working with members that are eager to learn more about helicopter flight and getting the most out of their helicotper flight simulator.

Our training program primarily focuses on the basic helicopter airmanship and thorough control of the helicopter flight regime. We also aim to give our helicopter training students solid exposure to instrument flying, flight navigation, flight planning, and standard airfield etiquette.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then we look forward to seeing you in the program!

Helicopter Training Articles

Students, Instructors, and Flight Simulators

There continues to be a strong connection between those that enjoy serious helicopter simulation, and those that are poised to participate in, or continue with actual helicopter flight training. Helicopter schools, and the instructors that work for them, should keep this in mind and learn to benefit from it. - Read On...

Future Helicopter Training leads to Flight Simulator

When it comes to helicopter training and helicopter simulators, seasoned helicopter pilots might not appreciate them, instructors might dismiss them, and students might secretly wish they were flying the real thing every day.... But the fact is that helicopter training is heading towards helicopter flight simulation no matter what. - Read On...

Helicopter Training and Desktop Simulators

In this article I'll take an unapologetic look into the training capabilities of desktop helicopter simulation using Microsoft Flight Simulator and other important tools. Is preparing for Helicopter Flight Training via a desktop simulator going to work for you? - Read On...

10 Helicopter Training Tasks using Flight Simulators

If you are an instructor in the world of helicopter training, then you probably have a list of things that you are certain that PC-based helicopter simulators are NOT good at. We won't try to change your mind (at least not right this moment), but here are 10 Helicopter Training tasks that can be learned quite well using helicopter flight simulation. - Read On...

Almost 7,700 Hours of Flight Time Logged

In just a few months of operation, our dedicated multi-user flight environment has seen almost 8 thousand hours of flight time logged by our members. - Read On...