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Erickson S-64E Aircrane
By Jordan Moore  
  S-64E Helicopter Simulator for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, 2004
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Long Line

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About this Aircraft

The S64E Aircrane is one of the most unique and interesting helicopters in the world. Most people recognize its shape immediately, and associate it with the "SkyCrane". Interestingly, the Sikorsky Skycrane no longer exists, as all Sky Cranes became Erickson Aircranes when Erickson purchased the type certificate from Sikorsky in the early 90s. Erickson is now the central authority on this type, and is responsible for the majority of repaire and refurbishment of Aircranes around the world. Most of which are operated under the Erickson Aircrane name for heavy-lift and fire fighting operations.

About this Package

This S64E Helicopter Simulator for Microsoft Flight Simulator was produced with the permission and assistance of Erickson Aircrane. Although the project is not as highly detailed as some other aircraft, it has proven to be very entertaining and popular. This helicopter seems to have personality that just can't be ignored.

About the Author(s)

Jordan is the owner of Hovercontrol and an experienced Helicopter Flight Simulation developer, and is always looking forward to a new project.

About the Publisher

Hovercontrol.com, the largest helicopter flight simulation website in the world, is the one and only publisher of the Erickson S64E Aircrane for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Package Details
Title: Erickson S-64E Aircrane
Developer: Jordan Moore
Publisher: Hovercontrol.com
Platform: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Version: 2002, 2004
Install: Auto-Installer

Aircraft Details
Manufacturer: Erickson Aircrane
Type: S-64E
Rotor Type: Main and Tail Rotor
# of Blades: 6
Engine Type: Turbine
# of Engines: 2

Simulation Features
Custom Flight Dynamics: No
Realistic Cockpit: No
Custom Panels: Yes
Custom Gauges: Yes
Operable Engines: 1
Realistic Fuel Mgt: Yes
Advanced Systems: Yes
Special Animations: Yes
Autopilot: Yes
Load Pts. Configured: Yes
Model Variants: 5
Paint Variants: 1
Extras: Documentation, Custom Load Management
Paint Variants: 1

Package Extras
Manufacturer Site: Erickson-Aircrane
Additional Info: Hovercontrol S64E Page