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Hovercontrol 412
By Jordan Moore  
  412 EP Helicopter Simulator for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Simulator Visuals

HC412 Preview One

Cockpit into the sunset

VC in the rain

VC in the mtns

CHC over the Mtns.

Westpack into the Sun.

PHI over clouds

LAC over mtns.

PHI over water.

Into the sunset

About this Aircraft

The Hovercontrol 412 is meant to be a close simulation of the Bell 412EP from Bell Textron Inc. This a medium sized, twin-turbine helicopter, that is popular among many industries. Because of its ability to carry a relatively high number of passengers, this helicopter is popular for ferrying oil platform workers to and from their assignments.

About this Package

The Hovercontrol 412 was a large project in terms of time, effort, and information resources. It was accomplished for the benefit of Hovercontrol.com and its membership. The goal of the project was to create a twin turbine helicopter in Microsoft Flight Simulator with sensitive flight dynamics and realistic by-the-checklist startup and shutdown operations. This project was the result of nearly 2 years effort, and several 412EP and other technical resources within the professional helicopter industry.

About the Author(s)

The Hovercontrol 412 is the latest in a line of helicopters developed by Jordan Moore for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator and made available exclusively at Hovercontrol. Jordan is the owner of Hovercontrol, and is always looking forward to a new project.

About the Publisher

Hovercontrol.com, the largest helicopter flight simulation website in the world, is the one and only publisher of the Hovercontrol 412.

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Package Details
Title: Hovercontrol 412
Developer: Jordan Moore
Publisher: Hovercontrol.com
Platform: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Version: 2004
Install: Auto-Installer

Aircraft Details
Manufacturer: Bell Textron Inc.
Type: 412 EP
Rotor Type: Main and Tail Rotor
# of Blades: 4
Engine Type: Turbine
# of Engines: 2

Simulation Features
Custom Flight Dynamics: Yes
Realistic Cockpit: Yes
Custom Panels: Yes
Custom Gauges: Yes
Operable Engines: 2
Realistic Fuel Mgt: Yes
Advanced Systems: Yes
Special Animations: Yes
Autopilot: Yes
Load Pts. Configured: Yes
Model Variants: 5
Paint Variants: 10+
Extras: Documentation, Advanced Avionics, Realistic Startup-Shutdown, Advanced Autopilot Options
Paint Variants: 10+

Package Extras
Manufacturer Site: Bell Helicopter
Additional Info: Pilot Reference

Other Important Files
Lite Texture Kit

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