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Helicopter Training

     • Training Roadmap
     • How to Get Started
Student Pilot Course
     • Simulation vs. Reality
     • Learning the Controls
     • Powerplant Basics
     • The Instrument Panel
     • Helicopter Flight
Certified Pilot Course / PTS
     • Helicopter Capabilities
     • Start-Up Procedure
     • Hovering
     • Motion and Hover Taxi
     • Transition to Forward Flight
     • Power, Speed, and Attitude
     • The Traffic Pattern
     • UNICOM Radio Procedures



Helicopter Simulator training at Hovercontrol is performed using PC-based Helicopter Flight Simulator systems that are connected together via the internet. Our helicopter simulator training is provided for entertainment and new-pilot preparation purposes. Hovercontrol does not provide non-simulated helicopter flight training of any kind.

Hovercontrol has created a helicopter simulator training program which is intended to be challenging, rewarding, and as inclusive as possible for helicopter simulation pilots. - whether you are a first time flyer or a seasoned real world helicopter pilot, we believe you will enjoy participating in our helicopter simulator training program. Our objective is to provide an environment where all helicopter pilots, regardless of current ability, can continue to learn about helicopter flight and enjoy the challenge of participating in instructor-led helicopter flight simulator training.

One of the primary objectives of our helicopter simulator training program is to develop human relationships between student pilots and Hovercontrol instructor pilots. All of our helicopter simulator flight training is conducted between live instructors and student pilots from around the globe. We do not use "automated" instructor pilots, or pre-scripted training adventures. Our training is performed live, in a mult-user helicopter flight simulation training environment, utilizing real-time voice and visual capabilities.

Our helicopter simulator training program is open to all Hovercontrol members.

Program Content

The Hovercontrol Helicopter Simulator Training Program is currently made up of two levels. Student Pilot and Certified Pilot.

About our Helicopter Simulator Training Environment

One of the key areas that differentiate Hovercontrol from other simulation sites is its live instructor-based helicopter flight training using helicopter simulation. We have dedicated corps of international instructors that provide many hours of one-on-one helicopter training and support not only to pilots pursuing the Certified Pilot rating and above, but also to the more casual helicopter simulation enthusiast who is looking for just a few pointers. Our helicopter instructors have a wide variety of real world helicopter and fixed-wing experience as well. Most of our helicopter flight training is conducted in the Hovercontrol Multi-user Environment. This environment utilizes Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 as a helicopter simulator platform, FSInn, and Teamspeak for voice communications.