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What is Hovercontrol?
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What is Hovercontrol?

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Hovercontrol provides helicopter simulation related features such as:

1. Information for new users of PC-Based Helicopter Flight Simulators
2. Multi-User flight servers with voice support
3. Live training with experienced instructors
4. Add-on Files for PC-Based Helicopter Flight Simulators
5. Active on-topic Message Forums
6. Articles and News
7. Information Resources for Helicopter Simulation Developers

Hovercontrol can be explored using the following helicopter simulation platforms:

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X
2. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)
3. X-Plane Version 9.0+ (www.x-plane.com)

The primary goal of Hovercontrol is to provide quality helicopter flight simulation related content that all helicopter enthusiasts can enjoy and utilize.

Although we provide a wide array of features and resources for our community, our primary objective is to help our members develop aptitude for helicopter flight by providing live instructor-lead training. We have created an environment that allows students and instructors to work together, in real-time. Our environment is focused on the "human connection" and fosters relationships between members that provide vast opportunities for learning and enjoyment.

Lasting friendships are made at Hovercontrol.

The picture above shows a Helicopter Instructor, a private pilot, a flight simulation software developer, and a helicopter flight simulation technician. All Hovercontrol members, all friends.

Professionals get involved here because they appreciate an environment that is so focused on helicopters, and the opportunity to work with others that are eager to learn about helicopter flight and helicopter operations. Hovercontrol is the type of place that can remind a professional why they enjoyed helicopters in the first place!

Developers get involved here because a large focused community helps provide them with the information resources and audience they need to produce bar-raising helicopter flight simulation packages.

Student Pilots get involved here because they can save a lot of time and money by preparing for their real-world flight training activities. They also appreciate an environment where they can surround themselves with experienced professionals from many helicopter related fields, giving them insight into helicopters they might not get anywhere else, at any price.

Helicopter Enthusiasts get involved here because Hovercontrol is the one-stop-shop for all things related to helicopter flight simulation. From file downloads, to multiplayer flight environments, Hovercontrol is the one place on the internet where they can find others that are just as interested as they are in helicopters, and helicopter flight simulation.

Here is what some of our members have to say about Hovercontrol and our training.

"Training at Hovercontrol is an effective means to prepare for some of the challenges that are faced in real-world flight training. Hovercontrol allows a student to learn many practical skills in a controlled and flexible environment, and they keep it fun. In addition, students have access to a helicopter simulation community which is not only passionate about helicopters, but also about constantly striving for a more complete and immersive experience. This place has taken helicopter flight simulation and learning about helicopters to a level previously unheard of. If a person wants to learn about helicopters, and what it takes to fly them, I can't think of a better place."

- Adrian Lindsay, Commercial Helicopter Pilot
     and Hovercontrol Instructor Pilot

"I wish I would have found Hovercontrol sooner than I did. It could have saved me a ton of time and money by preparing me for some of the concepts and activities I would be facing in my real-world helicopter training. I now use simulated flight and systems to brush up on skills and procedures that I can apply directly to my real-world training activities."

- Behr Hannah, Commercial Helicopter Pilot (Instrument and CFI)
    and Hovercontrol Instructor Pilot

"I was just as proud of getting my Hovercontrol Certified Pilot ribbon at Hovercontrol as I was of getting my real-world private pilot certificate. I plan on hanging my Hovercontrol certificate on the wall right next to my Private Pilot certificate. The preparation for the Hovercontrol Certified Pilot checkride was extensive, but I found the instructors to be very helpful and friendly."

- Tommy Vestal, Private Pilot
    and Hovercontrol Certified Pilot

"On my first real-world helicopter training flight I knew exactly what to expect, and how to take control of the aircraft. After getting over the first 5 minutes of anticipation, I took to helicopter flight immediately. Flying the helicopter with precision and control came quite naturally, and I was well prepared. I believe I owe my comfortable introduction into real-world helicopter flight training to my experiences right here at Hovercontrol and the great community of members and staff."

- Paul Robinson, Private Pilot
    and Hovercontrol Chief Instructor Pilot

"After preparing at Hovercontrol, I took my first real-world training flight in a Schweizer 300. My instructor gave me the pedals and asked me to hold the heading. Done! Then to do a 360 pedal turn. Done! Take the collective, descend to 3 feet then back to 10 feet. Done! Take the cyclic and hold position. Done! Now the Big One: Take all the controls and hold a hover. Done! With a curious voice Frank asked, Can you do a pedal turn? Done! This is not my computer, my CH products or collective, this is the real deal´┐Ż.Done!"

- Gerry "Bats" Pothier, Hovercontrol Instructor Pilot

"The students at Hovercontrol that apply themselves to the training and take the concepts seriously, take away with them a lot of experience and familiarization with helicopter controls and basic helicopter flight skills. Maybe not all of them will be able jump in the real aircraft and fly, but they certainly will be further along. I found flight simulation to be a great way to practice flight skills during my real-world helicopter flight training."

- Kevin C., Helicopter Pilot
    and Hovercontrol Certified Pilot

"After spending about 6 months at Hovercontrol, I began to notice instructors working with other Student Pilots in the multi-user training environment. I started training at Hovercontrol to improve my helicopter simulation flight skills, and the instructors I worked with were very proficient. In addition to personal gratification I got from completing the course, the instructors also assisted me in getting my settings optimized for helicopter flight simulation. I now enjoy helping new members get started out on the right foot."

- Tim "Hook" Asper, Chinook Helicopter Mechanic
    and Hovercontrol Certified Pilot