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Using Our Flight Server

VISIT US ON TEAMSPEAK There are a variety of ways to connect with Flight Simulator (FSX, FSX:Steam, P3D). Typically we use native FSX:Steam multiplayer capabilities as well as JoinFS multiplayer software.
Visit us on teamspeak for more information on usernames/passwords and connecting to fly.

LEGACY SUPPORT (Old Hovercontrol Multiplayer)

It is highly recommended that you get teamspeak working before attempting to use FSInn multiplayer software. More information about our Teamspeak Here.

Note: Before installing multiplayer related software for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate service packs for your Flight Simulator software installed. Visit Software You Will Need for more information.

In order to have FSInn Client software on your machine you will need to download and install the 2 programs listed below (in order):

1. FSCopilot 1.7
2. FSInn 1.3

*NOTE-1* - You MUST both install and run these items as Administrator if you are in Vista/Windows7. Failure to do so, will definitely cause problems with the client not being able to connect or save its settings.

*NOTE-2* - When installing do NOT let FSCopilot/FSInn "optimize" or set up any services for you. If you let it set up services for you, you will not be able to add the Hovercontrol server to its list of networks. You will only get networks that come pre-configured with the FSInn installation.

VISTA/WINDOWS7 Users...Additional Information regarding installing FSCopilot and FSInn can be found at VATSIM's support forum. A large online flying organization: VATSIM FSInn Installation Topic.

The flight server will expect you to use a special userid and password which will not be the same as your forum username and password. You can get your login details and server location Here. (Log into this page using your forum username and password).

The FSInn Control Panel

In the Setting dialogue, the most important item to set up is a network entry for Hovercontrol's server. You can do this by navigating to the "Networks" section of the settings dialogue. We recommend changing the generic NET2 entry to suit your needs. In this network entry you will be asked for information such as the server address, and your userid and password. This information comes from the Here.

Hovercontrol.com - FSInn Settings Examples