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Developer Center

     • The FS Bell 206 Flight Model
     • The FS Bell 206 Engine Model
     • The Power/Airspeed/Altitude Triangle
     • Testing Techniques
     • The Art of Helicopter Flight Dynamics
     • Tools of the Trade
     • Terms to Know
Helicopter Aircraft.cfg File
     • Helicopter Weight and Balance
     • Station Loads
     • Moments of Inertia
     • Helicopter Stability
     • Fuel Amounts and Location
     • Engines and Fuel Flow
Working with .AIR Files
.AIR Files by Topic
     • Airspeed
     • Lifting Capacity
     • Response and Stability
     • Rotor Spool-up and Decay
     • Trim and Tracking
     • Autorotation
     • Hover and Flight Attitude
     • Torque Yaw
     • Tail Rotor Authority
.AIR Files by Section
     1400 - Vertical Stabilizer
          • Vertical Stabilizer Geometry
          • Vertical Stabilizer Position
          • Vertical Stabilizer Aerodynamics
     1401 - Horizontal Stabilizer
          • Horizontal Stabilizer Geometry
          • Horizontal Stabilizer Position
          • Horizontal Stabilizer Aerodynamics
     1402 - Main Rotor
          • Rotor Blade Position
          • Rotor Blade Thrust Vectors
          • Rotor Blade Geometry
          • Rotor Blade Aerodynamics
          • Turbine Engine Items
     1403 - Tail Rotor
          • Tail Rotor Position
          • Tail Rotor Geometry
          • Tail Rotor Aerodynamics
     1404 - Fuselage Area and Drag
          • Frontal Surface and Drag
          • Side Surface and Drag
          • Top Surface and Drag



Who is this for?

This information is not intended to serve as a guide to developing helicopters from the ground up for microsoft flight simulator. This information would be most useful to a developer that already understands the concepts involved with installing, developing, and modifying helicopter add-ons for flight simulator. Users of this information should already understand how to modify text files, install development software, and access the flight simulator SDKs.

Many developers, even gifted ones, are inclined to use the default 206 flight dynamics if they feel that they can not improve upon them for their add-on. I hope this information helps you expand your bag of tricks, and assists you in developing your own personal flight dynamics style.

Over the past 8-10 years I have been slowly building a working knowledge of the Helicopter flight dynamics configuration for Flight Simulator. The following collection of documents is my attempt at sharing both the general and detailed information I have uncovered during that time.

The subject of 206-based helicopter flight dynamics in flight simulator can be approached from two different angles. You can choose a desired behavior (or topic) and learn a little about which parameters are related to it. Or you can look at each parameter, its function, and how it relates to other parameters.

The information in this collection has been organized in such a way to help make that easier for you.

Good Luck!