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Posted by: OzWookiee on Sep. 25 2017,23:47

Hello? Anyone aboard? Can someone please wave their magic wand so I can take tests and access the multiplayer area.


Posted by: jeansy on Sep. 27 2017,11:52

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Hello? Anyone aboard? Can someone please wave their magic wand so I can take tests and access the multiplayer area.


you dont need to take any test to access the multiplayer area

you just need to create a account using your HC user ID, it with then give you the passwords for TS and HC server

ive been here since 2004 and never taken any test and have flown online on many occasions, in recent time not so much but  i was nearly online every night with the old online crew around Hood River test free

the student test was setup for those who wanted to get a online pilot rating at KMSO

Posted by: NCD on Sep. 27 2017,11:57

Jeansy he means that he can't do anything because he's not in the database yet. If bluebell and I succeed in recruiting a bunch of X-Plane people we're going to see a lot of new folks needing to be entered into the db. For the moment we're giving them the TS info manually and for now we're flying on DAFSIM because it supports all sims and does well with formation flying.
Posted by: bacch on Sep. 27 2017,19:34

If you are looking for Hovercontrol Pilot training or certification there are some things you need to be aware of.

The HC training and testing program has been completely changed.  That happened several years ago.  The "new" program is based on real-world requirements; is done using the "share-the-cockpit" feature of FSX; and, requires no special scenery.

For HC to train folks who use Xplane there are some additional problems regarding the training and testing aspect.  To my knowledge, Xplane 9, 10, and 11 are not necessarily compatible with each other as you may know too.  Xplane 11, and perhaps 10, has payware software to fly in the "share-the-cockpit" mode.  This software us somewhat unstable and expensive.
If you have any questions regarding training please give me shout or PM me I'll be happy to accommodate you.  Please look back into the Forum Training Areas for explanations.  
Try this link < >  look for "Certified Pilot Course / PTS"
I'm on HC's Teamspeak from time to time as well.


Posted by: OzWookiee on Oct. 03 2017,03:30

Hey bacch thanks for the info. Thankfully I have FSX, P3D, X-Plane and FSW so I've got all my bases covered on that respect :) Will prob hit you up in a month or so as trying to complete a rally at the moment.

jeansy whilst I know I don't NEED to take the test, I'd like to :) But I can't until an admin updates the DB (based on forum posts in the Training Q&A thread). It also looks like the DB needs to be updated in order to access < > as trying to login with my forum details doesn't work. Unless there's another area I have to go to in order to create a profile for that area.

Posted by: jeansy on Oct. 04 2017,13:50

are you just using OzWookiee and your password?

im just asking as a lot of people in the past have tried their Callsign ID and failed

Posted by: OzWookiee on Oct. 05 2017,01:55

Yea OzWookiee and password as it days to use my forum login

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