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Posted by: itye1970 on Oct. 05 2017,09:14

OK! so we asked REAL helicopter pilots what helicopter simulators they use and which they think are realistic. Find out by clicking the link below : < >
Posted by: highside7r on Oct. 05 2017,22:02

Are these sims or just games? The real world H-60 sim wasn't exactly spot on based on multi-screen set up and lack of that "seat of the pants" feel.
Posted by: Kyrelel on Oct. 06 2017,10:22

Getting the feeling that these posts are just adverts for a certain website
Posted by: harvey on Nov. 15 2017,10:13

used to use FSX, but now am using P3D v2 -- one of these days I'll change to v4, but it may be a while yet. human resource assignment †I tried X-Plane, but it's quirky and, contrary to what some folks say, I don't find its "flight models" any better than P3D or FSX, given a properly done model in FSX or P3D < human resource assignment >
Posted by: Josher55 on Nov. 21 2017,02:04

Iím partial to FSX and P3d mostly because Iíve got most of my simming time in it and know how to navigate it better.. However, there are a few payware models on Xplane that just blow away anything Flight Simulator has put out.  (in my opinion) The 407 is the closest feel from the real 407 converted to a desktop.  Several others hit really close to the mark especially with the systems and autopilot, like the payware 412, and the freeware 429 (although Iíve only flown left seat in a 429) I feel like the only FS model that gets close to any of these is the dodobird 206.

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