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Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 10 2017,11:38

This is a fictional paint for the Victorian Police (Australia) Airwing:

< [IMG]] >

< [IMG]] >

These are FS9 textures BUT are easily transferable to FSX :)

Hope posting these here is okay.  I didn't see anywhere special for painting :(

Posted by: Manilow on Jan. 11 2017,09:21

You can post them here... Also if you want to include them in the post (if they are not too large)

Choose the "direct" link photobucket provides and click the image button on the iBcode buttons (when you post) it allows you to paste (ctrl+v) the text into a box which makes the picture turn up here like this....

It adds a{IMG} with square brackets to the start of the link and {/IMG} with square brackets to the end. I cant use square brackets to demonstrate as it wouldn@t show as this is a basic code.

Anyway good job on the Paint. BTW is the paint for the default 206 or the owen model?


Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 11 2017,09:44


First up, this is for the Owen Model - my favorite helicopter at the moment.  

Aside from it being my favorite, it is also the easiest to paint and the paint kit works for both the FS9 and FSX version of the aircraft which works well for me as I can paint the helicopter in FS9, using FSRepaint, to work out the screw ups as I go and simply save the textures as DXT3 or DDS depending on which version of FS I want to use it on.

Thanks for the heads up on posting pics here as well, I thought I used the {img} link but was half asleep when I posted :(

For what it is worth, I used to be a member here (back in 2012) as wombat457 and did a few paints back then as well.  Wish I could log in with that old account too.

Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 11 2017,10:22

This is the Dodo FS9 version:


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