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Posted by: slide on April 13 2018,06:01

I have bought the
SonicSolution Huey FSX Soundpack
and i am running the Aerosoft HueyX
in the downloaded Pack was no Specific Sond.cfg for the Huey X

Several contacts to FSPilotshop no replay
(Quick and friendly customer support)  HAHAHA  

is somebody out there who could email me the
Specific SonicSolution sound.cfg for
Aerosoft Huey X  ??????

would be a big pleasure

Thanks in Advance
Georges  :)

Posted by: wvernonc on April 18 2018,13:27

Why not contact SonicSolutions? It is their product.
Posted by: slide on May 03 2018,05:42

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Why not contact SonicSolutions? It is their product.

I did a few times but i got no answer
meanwhile i was working hours with a little program called Audicy  :)
and made it :-)  
to use it with the original Aerosoft soudfile
So if someboday is interrest in a perfect Huey Shutdown
( 25 sec. sound )adapted to FSX Rotoranimation write me

Posted by: wvernonc on May 06 2018,22:10

Good deal. Glad you got it worked out.
Posted by: Boult2 on June 13 2018,11:13

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