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Posted by: Budgie on Aug. 28 2017,20:07

Can anubody help with a list if offsets for the 412

I want to connect it to hardware

Posted by: RCFlyer on Aug. 29 2017,13:53

If you use FSUIPC you can have it read the list of LVAR from the model software.  The procedure to do this is in the FSUIPC documentation.


Posted by: Budgie on Aug. 31 2017,18:01

So what your saying I need to learn a new programming language just to connect a joystick button to a switch in the helicopter.
Posted by: LouP on Aug. 31 2017,21:44

Just go into the button and switches tab of fsuipc and assign it there.  Or even easier, use the flight sim itself if the assignment is available.


Posted by: Budgie on Sep. 02 2017,19:18

found this help guide going to try it out

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