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Posted by: markself on Mar. 05 2018,21:54

HC265MA - markself
L12, Redlands, SoCal

I've been gone for some time.  I wanted start simming again (Helicopters exclusively "Dodo")

When I returned to HOVERCONTROL (Home of Helicopter flight Sim)  I was surprised to see that there was little or no activity.  If you are still flying, could you please let me know if HOVERCONTROL just died or what?

Have you continued to fly in the sim at another MP site?  Have you stayed in contact with any of the HC members.

Posted by: Spac3Rat on Mar. 06 2018,10:33

Hello, Mark!

HC is not as active as before, no. I think most of the folks spread out. A lot stopped simming, others moved on to different platforms and/or websites such as Facebook.

MP was never really my thing but I think some of the folks here still fly together now and then.

Edit: I lost contact with pretty much everyone from the old days. I still talk to a couple through Facebook, though. I've even tried to reach Jordan a few days ago without success :(

Posted by: LouP on Mar. 06 2018,14:39

I still pop in once in a while but things seemed to have really slowed down here.


Posted by: Hooker 360 on Mar. 07 2018,00:35

Hey Mark good to hear from you some of us old timers are still around we just don't get to gather every night. I have been traveling to Thailand a lot lately so haven't been around much. I will be back home in two weeks and will try and contact you on TS. Some things have changed since you been away but nothing to big we fly on line using Joinfs is way you won't see many on the multiplayer map.


Posted by: Zorro on Mar. 07 2018,03:39

Hey Tim, how are you? Going to try to get back online but at present, my health is not the best. That may be changing due to a change in treatment.
Posted by: GmanM on Mar. 11 2018,17:57

I'm still here too...
It seems like the site was down for about a week, glad it is back now.

Posted by: markself on Mar. 18 2018,17:17

It's great to hear from you guys.

I'm now running P3D v4 (64 bit). Mainly flying the Default Robinson R22 and the Milviz Huey.  They are neither one
the "DODO".  I sure miss that beauty.

I had TeamSpeak v3.0.19.4 (Win 64) set up last year when I was still running P3D v3 (32 bit).  Is there a way to contact anyone here to test this out.  Or can anyone tell me another site that runs TS?  That is more active where I could test my TS connection?

I attempted setting up FSHost and FSInn, using the Steam tutorial found here at HC.  No go.  I saw a You Tube video where a guy was running a 64 bit FSHost and it seemed to work well.  I've heasrd several people using JoinFS.  What seems to be the most popular MP program being used now?

If you're not flying at HC what servers do you recommend?

Have any of you guys made contact with:

           Anuj Shrivastava HC197EA_Eagle
           Brad Moreland HC015RO_Brad
           Hamish Macleod HC751SK_Skye
           Harry NZ HC082HA_Harry
           Marco Fortin-Metzgen HC970GA_Marco
           Rick Cox HC377SU_Sundog
           Den I can't find his handle or number

Hopefully I will see some of you on the net somewhere on the net.

Posted by: G-MFM on Mar. 18 2018,19:29

Hi all,

I'm still around, just getting old.  Have been flying still in FSX but since the un-broken got fixed, I stopped MPing.

My work (IT self-employed) keeps me quite busy but I am trying to re-model the business to spend more time DODOing.  I'm so looking forward to the HD 64bit version!!

PM or email me to test TS.

Posted by: Panther on Mar. 19 2018,20:35

Yeah, I'm still kicking around. Been on the road 50-60% of the time for the last 5+ years. No time for simming. I would need to build a new rig as my gear is seriously dated at this point. I do have X-Plane loaded on my Macbook Pro and the Dreamflight 407.
Posted by: Hooker 360 on Mar. 19 2018,21:38

Hey Mark I am back from my Thailand trip I can help you give me a time I will hook up to TS.
Posted by: markself on April 14 2018,13:55

It's sure great to hear from all you guys.  We sure spent a lot of good times here at HC.  I'll be watching for you all.
Posted by: Shawn on April 16 2018,00:21

I got my money’s worth and more out of Hovercontrol so I plan to be around till either the website dies or I do  :)


Posted by: Ellinoah on April 19 2018,10:32

We positive spent a whole lot of properly instances right here at HC. I'll be looking for you all. I might need to build a brand new rig as my equipment is severely dated by this factor. maintains me quite busy but I'm looking to remodel the commercial enterprise to spend more time.
Posted by: GmanM on April 24 2018,04:02

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
I got my money’s worth and more out of Hovercontrol so I plan to be around till either the website dies or I do  :)



Well said Shawn. :D  

Thank you for your contributions over the years.

Cheers Mate!

Posted by: Pacrat on June 20 2018,18:24

Hey guys. Just to let you know, I'm still above ground here. Finally have a computer that can handle FSX with all the sliders to the right, and I recently got into X Plane 11. I picked up the Dreamfoil Bell 407, and I love that bird. Lately though, I've been plank driving after I picked up the A2A Cessna 172 and the 182T. Also been playing a bit with the Milviz 407. Still trying to make it dance. Haven't reconnected with FSINN or what ever the new server might be, but who knows, maybe sometime down the road.
Posted by: Sikorsky S-76 on June 21 2018,19:52

I am still around here too, not so often as in the high times, but its good to see hovercontrol is running and I still like the old FSX :)



Posted by: Maniack on July 04 2018,17:59

Hi guys! I don't fly FSX anymore (one cannot really fly FSX after DCS Huey or even X-Plane 11 Dreamfoil 407), but still looking forward to flying online. Tried VATSIM recently (there's an Xsquawkbox plugin for X-Plane), and it felt very much like old days here at HC (with no ATC around). If someone is interested and needs help with setting things up, I will gladly help with what I can. Our 4S2 airfield is not so good-looking in X-Plane by default, but I think we can sort this out =)

I am also working on open source 3d-printable helicopter controls set, which is in a pretty solid state now, you can visit my site < > if you're interested.



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