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Posted by: papdchief on July 08 2018,15:39

Does anyone have or know where I can find the measurements of a Bell 407 Overhead Panel ?
Posted by: DaveT206 on July 14 2018,11:46

I think the 407 panel has similar dimensions to the 206. Have a look at this one made by < Ruscool >

BTW the 206 panel is 153 mm wide.  


Posted by: Rogue Trooper on July 24 2018,03:25

Hi, I did a few searches but didn't find the dimensions online.
Ruscool did (still does?) make a 407 overhead a few years ago for a special order. In that case the used the same dimensions as the 206 as the customer wanted to be able to swap out the 206 for a 407 in the same simulator.
The 407 has rows of seven switches/breakers. So you could just extrapolate from the 206 dimensions as it has rows of five.

Good luck!


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