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Posted by: JD-Slow-Thumbs on Jan. 03 2018,02:54

I am trying to invent a super-duper-dilly-deluxe :) helicopter collective that will include some more controls in it, like a throttle separate from the collective and a starter button (and later a governor-increment-decrement).

Well I hacked into a joystick, and windows sees the analog-collective, analog-throttle, and pushbutton-starter. And I learned that “for "realistic" Heli controls in FSX or P3D you need to map the propeller axis to throttle and the throttle axis to the collective.” (thanks Mark)

What models and what simulator platforms are sophisticated enough to deal with governor-increment-decrement and separate collective and throttle?  Can an FSX-Huey handle a governor+/- ?

Thanks in advance

Especially interested in Collective buttons.

Posted by: Oz Flyer on Jan. 06 2018,08:33

Is not so much the SIM but the helicopter build.
I have the CeraSim 212, 222 & 412 and they have Throttle, Idle and Governor controls which I have mapped to Sitek gear.

I am also looking at some sort of Collective. As a prototype I was looking at PVC tube one long bit with cutouts to fit the sensors in side so two larger tubes could slide over to make the Throttles.

What I really need is a 3D printer to make some of the parts.

Posted by: JD-Slow-Thumbs on Jan. 06 2018,16:09

Thanks for the pointer to the CeraSim series, I will check it out ASAP.  

Regarding the prototype collective using PVC, I am hot on the trail of a “kit-able” collective using PVC pipes, but the catch is that I am using American Inch sizes and I am not sure what the rest of the world will be using.  



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