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Posted by: markself on Dec. 30 2017,04:40

HELP! Please

I'm flying the default Robinson R22, trying to get some helo time, while waiting for the 64bit Dodosim Bell 206.

I'm running P3D V4 and P3D V3
I use the Saitek X52 Flight Control System and Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
While flying the R22 in V4 I have the X,Y axis set to full 127 and nulls to 20.
While flying the R22 in V3 I have the X,Y axis set to full 127 and nulls to 20.

In V4 the controls are twitchy that you can't even blink. You are really in trouble If you attempt to look outside the R22. It's so twitchy that if you look at the R22's handlebars and even slightly move the cyclic they jump full motion.
In3 with the controls set identical to the V4 settings the R22 is slow and very manageable. Probably not really very realistic. Movement of the cyclic in V3 appears to be about 1:1. I'm going to try to make the V3 action a bit more sensitive by lowering the X, Y axis to maybe 70 - 90 range.

It was not always this way. When I first got V4 about three weeks ago it flew just fine.

Question: Is there a way to reset the Joystick controls? Replace files?
Or would a P3D V4 uninstall/reinstall work?

Posted by: RCFlyer on Jan. 01 2018,00:30

Are you not using FSUIPC?  Have you tried to reset the joystick per:

< >

I believe your control setting are stored here:

C:\Users\YOUR ID\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Controls..

Hope this helps.


Posted by: jedtcat on Jan. 03 2018,04:22

Tryed flying R22 this evening in P3d v4, same update no issues. The R22 flys a bit better than FSX it seems.

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