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Posted by: seba0412 on April 01 2018,15:31

I can't make radio to work.
I start up in SHIFT+1 panel - Ready To Fly.

Everything looks O.K. I can fly without problems, but i can't speak with ATC.
I can open ATC window, but text is grayed, and i can't make selection.
Radio stack in center pedestal looks O.K. i think.

What should i do to make it to work?

Posted by: Spac3Rat on April 02 2018,09:32

Check if you have the right frequency dialed in and the correct radio selected.

I think there's an option to auto tune the radio. Can't remember where, though.

Posted by: Jonathan87 on May 23 2018,08:36

Yes, my radio also is not working please help me and my ATC window is not opening. < Online Essay Help >
Posted by: emily11 on Sep. 15 2018,05:19

check in the event that you have the correct recurrence dialed in and the right radio chose.

I believe there's an alternative to auto tune the radio. Can't recall where, however.


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