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Posted by: RCFlyer on April 03 2017,16:54

Is the Multiplayer map going to be modified to show people flying on the HC JoinFS hub?  If that is not possible, there is an online JoinFS map that HC could arrange to show those on the HC JoinFS hub.   The link to the online JoinFS map is:

< >

The gentleman who runs this map has already allowed multiple onling flight groups to use the map to show who is online and where.

Just a thought.....Danny

Posted by: Panther on April 05 2017,12:03

I am not certain the level of coding that would take or if either of us have the bandwidth to tackle at this point.
Posted by: RCFlyer on April 05 2017,14:38

Understand.  The process for getting HC multiplayer aircraft displayed on the JoinFS map I mentioned appears to be not much more than an email with the owner and exchange of server information.  Perhaps that would be possible within your respective bandwidths?

Either way, appreciate the consideration.


Posted by: jordan on April 09 2017,15:40


Maybe someone already did something, because I just flew to Ketchikan AK, and even though I have my JoinFS client setup as the hub, I was showing up on the JoinFS flight map.  I did have to go into settings under network and click the experimental (auto share everything) before the map had my heading information.  But to show up on the map, I didn't do anything.

Posted by: RCFlyer on April 09 2017,19:24

Hmmmm.  Will check that out.  Well I did check it out and it works great.  Simply check experimental box, join the HC hub and you will appear on the JoinFS map.  Cool.

Now if one could find a way to track flight hours like the HC multiplayer setup all would be goo.




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