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Posted by: jrbirdman81 on July 06 2018,14:19

What happened to Manuel Gonzales? I was searching the Bell 407 files and saw the most amazing thing ever! A FAN TAIL 407!! I'd give anything for a copy of that beauty!!!! If someone could help, I'd be ever indebted. Best regards, Jeremy
Posted by: Vertable on Aug. 30 2018,19:08

Not a clue about Manuel but I did manage to find 2 pics of the Fantail Bell 407 Test model. WOW, that tail is HUGE.
I read Bell's update about it and the test pilot reported that in a hover, there is almost no workload (unlike the "normal" tail) and extremely stable. They tested it in hover and low speed/altitude  flight with turns. They're not far off from full flight testing including higher altitudes. Can't wait for a glimpse in real life or at least a video of it. :p


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