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Posted by: NCD on Sep. 12 2017,01:13

I put together a training facility for XP11 that's located in New Zealand... a magnificent country that apparently no one else in VATSIM ever bothers to visit.

Porting scenery from XP to FS is well known but the other way, FS to XP, is apparently considered impossible. Therefore, I'm working on an ortho photo and instructions to place a runway and a few simple items that will *functionally* duplicate what is in XP so that people can practice together and coach each other.

Speaking of multiplayer... All other options have been tried and explored but, for now, the only free service that everyone can use on both sims is AVSIM. That may change if the dev behind JoinFS is able to get XP implementation going this fall but for now we're stuck with AVSIM, like it or not.

It's not so bad... the whole area we'd use is uncontrolled airspace. I've yet to see an ATC controller take that zone so we can just do whatever, the same as we've always done here. I'm afraid that KMSO will fall under a controller as often as not, which might complicate things. This is one reason I chose New Zealand... another is the landscape we can do flights through is amazing!

Back to the scenery... The eye candy will differ from one sim to the next but functionally you'll never notice as long as the following are correctly placed:

Hover Circles

A good hover over a circle in one sim will still be a good hover over that same circle in the other. The boxes and circles are the same photo pasted to the ground in both sims, so they'll look exactly the same.

I'm workin' on it...


Posted by: EJJC on Sep. 12 2017,11:27

Hi Scott,
Do you know if it is possible for xp10 users to be online with xp11 users?

Thanks in advance,


PS awesome scenery!

Posted by: NCD on Sep. 12 2017,21:24

Yea that's just standard VATSIM. Look up Xsquawkbox
Posted by: NCD on Sep. 13 2017,10:59

Please see the above edits to the OP. They explain the current status and an easy way to be able to have both XP and FS pilots in the same server, seeing the same things and practicing together.
Posted by: OzWookiee on Sep. 17 2017,22:12

Lyndiman has done a great job of doing the whole of NZ in Ortho with 30m Mesh that you could use: < >

Looking forward to hooking up and learning with you guys soon!
(Came here after watching a YT video from one of your members)


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