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Posted by: FightorFlight on July 16 2017,18:18

I tried to install and found some issues - i.e. missing textures and such on panels.

Anyone else have that issue - if so PLEASE tell me there are plans to update these helicopters to P3Dv4....THey are all I have ever flown in flight sim (almost) and am so used to them they fit like a glove.

Posted by: Simon853 on July 16 2017,21:12

Any aircraft that use a c gauge file (with either a .gau or .dll extension) will not work in P3Dv4 unless re-compiled by the developer for 64 bit architecture.

The 3d model and XML will load, but because it won't load the 32 bit dll you will lose any functionality that provides and any C gauges within that dll won't show up in the cockpit.


Posted by: FightorFlight on Aug. 23 2017,22:06

So hopefully someone will respond to this post... I know that Douglas Dawson has updated a number of gauges to be 64 bit....
See < > will these be sufficient to fix the hovercontrol helies for P3Dv4?

Posted by: jeansy on Aug. 24 2017,11:45

check out this thread, people have been testing fsx models in P3D v4 and listing what works

< >

also check out the next thread if you find your engines cutting out on take off
< >

Posted by: FightorFlight on Aug. 24 2017,13:56

Thanks - I'm looking into them...most are payware - and I really want my hovercontrol back... yoohoo Jordan.....

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