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Posted by: jrbirdman81 on June 10 2018,17:55

How does one make the glass transparent for the Lasse Lindh Bell 47J, 47J Float, and 207 Scout models in FSX? I've seen screenshots of it working but my windows are black. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Jeremy
Posted by: GmanM on June 10 2018,18:23

Hi Jeremy,
This may or may not work, but when I had such problems with static models some time ago while testing the development of Static Aircraft Model Maker aka SAMM, I copied the glass texture from an aircraft which displayed correctly (in FSX), and renamed it to the name of the non-displayed glass texture from the aircraft with the problem.

This helped most of the time. If it is an aircraft which was modified from an FS9 model, it seems like it may be an oversight in converting the glass textures to an FSX compatible version.
Of course, make sure to backup all files before trying this method.


Posted by: jrbirdman81 on June 10 2018,18:33

I'd love to do that but the offending texture isn't called glass. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure which texture it is lol.
Posted by: Whirlybird on June 16 2018,23:47

Hi jrbirdman81,
I too wasn't sure which file was the J's bubble, then I remembered the files I had from FS9, and found "windowparts" . I used to add a tint to the J's bubble, (very cool) with relative ease in FS9. Not so in FSX. I've tried GmanM's ideas and thought there may be a chance
at success. No such luck. I tried every possible "older" copter "glass" that I had (over 10 different models).
I'm not familiar with the conversion process that GmanM referred to.
I was the third member that worked with Lasse Lindh and Tom Heaverlo, back in 2004. Too bad Lasse burned himself out developing so many models, at once. I'd love to fix the pedestal panel and the windows/bubble, by converting those files to dds format, which is what many remade old models now have.
Maybe we can find someone who can help, possibly teach us ?
Take care.

Posted by: jrbirdman81 on June 18 2018,22:33

That would be cool. Nice to meet one of the original Lindh gang. Boy I miss him and his work, so many projects to look forward to. Especially the Cheyenne. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Kindest regards, Jeremy
Posted by: Whirlybird on June 26 2018,11:56

Hi Jeremy,
I just returned from a week of chaperoning teenagers doing community service work on homes of the less fortunate, here in North Carolina.
Great to hear from you!
I don't have a lot of background knowledge, in sim development, but I have a program editor "DXTBmp" that I've been looking at to maybe modify those challenging "windowparts" files. Have you had any luck on your end, with these files?
I'll never forget the fun I had, working with Lasse and Tom on the 47J prototype, which was a J-2 in the beginning, and later changed to just a 47J, to replicate "Whirlybirds" N2838B. The biggest noticeable difference is the 47J has endplates on the horizontal stabilizers and the J-2 has none . The J model is also easier to repaint, than the J-2, as mapping textures were modified by Lasse, as requested by Tom, when he encountered problems with more complex, detailed repaints.  
Is there a secure way to exchange email addresses between us, as I suspect images will be difficult to share?
I have seen references to "PM" communication, but I am not familiar with it.
Good to find someone with an equal interest in this "old favorite" copter.
Kind regards,

Posted by: Whirlybird on June 28 2018,00:00

Hello Jeremy,
While working on a 47J repaint, I noticed something as the aircraft was loading into the sim. For a brief moment, the bubble and windows were transparent! As the final "layers" loaded, the bubble and windows went gray/black. I am fairly confident, this issue involves the "alpha textures".

I also located the page that creates private messages to fellow members.
If you'd like to pm this issue, I can give you my contact number.

I'm going to look at Hovercontrols Tutorial Page, to see if there's anything on editing alpha textures.
Another interesting note; Prepar3d does not have the J's bubble/cabin door window problem we have in FSX.

If your interested in swapping repaints that we may not have, let me know.
Thanks and take care.


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