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Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 04 2017,02:56


I am new to the helicopter side of flight simming and need some direction/guidance for what helicopters to start out on.  I am looking at the Dodosim 206 (which I like) but am not sure about its complexity and fear I may (if buying it) be biting off more than I can chew as a newbie on helicopters.

I should add that I fly mainly FS9 and either freeware or payware works for me so long as the model is good and comes with a proper PSP or PSD layered paint kit preferably.

Any advice or guidance will be appreciated.



Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 07 2017,06:02

Seems as though there is a trend here - 154 views and no help, advise, suggestions or anything.  

Does anyone even come to these forums anymore?  For the past few days, regardless of the time of day or night, I have been the only "Member" here.  Kind of makes these forums completely useless to anyone  :(

Posted by: Manilow on Jan. 07 2017,09:02

Firstly welcome to hovercontrol, People aren't normally shy here to offer a welcome.
I'm guessing the more regular posters must be still recovering from the holidays ;)

But as far as to what to start flying the Dodo 206 is an excellent choice. It offers different levels of difficulty from 1-5 which is selected from the overhead panel read the manual for what each level adds.

The key with helicopters is the hover... Which is the hardest thing to do and the first thing you need to achieve.

I was taught to control one direction at a time. Look to the horizon not to look too close to the aircraft when hovering. Turn off weather (clear skies) as you want to practise your hover constantly under the same conditions so you learn the muscle memory to hover. Dont try to hover for more than 20 minutes you'll do better to to fly round and come back to the hover circles.

Anyway enjoy the helicopters. They are really rewarding to fly once you put the time in on the hover circles.

Welcome Again...


Posted by: LONE WOLF 61 A on Jan. 07 2017,12:50

Hi Tony, welcome. Firstly I agree with Andy, secondly install teamspeak and teamviewer,come up on teamspeak if I'm about shout! Thirdly you maybe interested in looking/joining Facebook page you will get answers probably a bit quicker!  :cool:
Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 08 2017,08:49

Thanks to both of you, your candor and advice it is appreciated and I look forward to becoming "competent" flying helicopters.

Lonewolf, thank you for your offer of one on one help and, depending on my download data which is "limited" I will try to get on team-speak or team viewer at some point.

Posted by: wvernonc on Jan. 08 2017,19:37

The Dodosim is a great choice. You can start easy and then add difficulty as you go. Worth every dime.
Posted by: PhantomTweak on Jan. 08 2017,19:51

Another "thing" to improve helicopter realism in MSFS, either FS9 or FSX, is HTR. Helicopter Total Realism.
It's an amazing little freeware program that runs along with MSFS, and takes what the program, and you, are telling the helicopter to do, and make the inputs as realistic as they can, as well as the way the helicopter flies.
Once you get to the point where you feel comfortable flying a helicopter in MSFS without HTR, start using it. It will be like night and day. BUT, it will be much more "realistic".
There is a forum down below here that has lots good info about it. I recommend it.

As to helicopters to fly, I can't afford to buy payware, but IMO one of the greatest helicopters for FS9 is the Hovercontrol 412 PE by Jordan Moore. VERY realistic indeed, including the systems modeling. Once you get good at it, it is a real joy to fly.
Eventually, you can get to where you can add sling and hoist capabilities to a chopper too. Do rescue missions, cargo runs, fire fighting, you name it.

Enjoy, and welcome to the forums :)

Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 09 2017,01:50

Thanks Gents for your input and suggestions and I will keep the "add on software" for helicopters in mind but have a feeling that will be some time down the track.  

I have just bought the Dodosim 206 for both FS9 and FSX so am looking forward to "wrecking them" :)  Only thing that might complete them is a "good, workable paintkit".

I have also downloaded the Jordan Moore 412 PE Helicopter and another B206 LS,HS and FS versions which I have wrecked a number of times.  Thank god for a "try again button".

Posted by: PhantomTweak on Jan. 09 2017,05:20

The Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations (ERS) B206? A very nicely done aircraft, IMO. I also fly it very often, both with, and without HTR, although, honestly, with is more of a challenge, and therefore more rewarding.

Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 09 2017,06:54

Top be honest, I downloaded it from here so I can't confirm if it is the B206 you are taking about.  All I know is it is a much easier aircraft to fly than the Dodosim and does look good.
Posted by: LONE WOLF 61 A on Jan. 09 2017,15:50

If you go to the instructor booking section you will find I believe he is still around an instructor that lives in Oz  :cool:
Posted by: euroastar350 on Jan. 09 2017,19:41

I am one of the authors of the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Bell 206 and is one of our popular add-ons since it was originally released back in 2011. I have additional models in the pipeline including utility, police, emergency floats and more. A 3D cockpit with different avionics is also planned and more. Since it is based on Owen Hewitt's original FS2004 release, 3rd party repaints will fit the FSX models with no problems.
Posted by: PhantomTweak on Jan. 10 2017,05:25

Well, then, I thank you for a very enjoyable aircraft!
And I am now looking forward to the new ones coming :)
Don't forget, if you do such things, to include an HTR .cfg file for it. If not, I'll see if I can work one up.
Anyway, Thanks again!

Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 10 2017,05:28

Thanks guys for the information and I can now confirm that it is the Eagle Rotorcraft Bell 206 I have and love.  In fact, I have just downloaded the FSX version of the copter as well.

While it "may not" be as "technically realistic" as the Dodsim, it IS easier to fly and makes flying and learning to fly much more enjoyable for a beginner to helicopters.  Additionally, as a painter, it has a far more user friendly paint kit that goes together very well and is a pleasure to paint.

As a new helicopter pilot (cough cough) I couldn't recommend a better model to start a helicopter flying career with!

Posted by: PhantomTweak on Jan. 13 2017,05:23

I can't stress enough the importance of using HTR when you are ready for a most realistic experience. I can't recall if there's a ERS B206 HTR profile, but you can start with the default B206 HTR .cfg file and adjust it to make the ERS bird function correctly.
The documentation that comes with HTR is invaluable for making any changes to an HTR .cfg file. It very clearly, and simply, for idjits like me, explains what each and every line in the .cfg file does to the helicopter being flown.  
But it sounds like you're enjoying the ES bird anyway, so, for now, ENJOY :D

Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 22 2017,22:57

Thanks mate and I will look into HTR.  Anything that improves the flying experience is a positive.

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