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Posted by: Porcupine on Mar. 15 2017,09:10

Ok, 1st post here showing what a newb I am; actually I should know better. I have corrupted both the aircraft.cfg and the panel.cfg files for the default bell 206B. Would appreciate if someone would be so kind as to send text to me via pm or print in a reply. Thanking you in anticipation.
Cheers  Dan
PS: Yes I know I should make backups before making changes.

Posted by: jordan on Mar. 15 2017,15:32

PM sent.
Posted by: Porcupine on Mar. 16 2017,00:43

Thankyou so much. Valuable reminder to myself.....make backups before experimenting!!!!
Posted by: Porcupine on Mar. 16 2017,02:37

Sorry mate but dropbox does not work for me? I do need your aircraft.cfg in particular as mine does not contain all the [autopilot] lines that are shown in Ronald Vermeij's excellent tutorial for HAP.
Also some HAP posts in this forum refer to a "HAP.cfg" file however I can find no mention of this in Ronald's tutorial. I would my query to Mr Fassbender but he clearly states that he provides no support (which of course is his right).
And finally (sorry) does one have to use keyboard for the gaugeor can one get by with the mouse?
Cheers  Dan

Posted by: Porcupine on Mar. 16 2017,05:05

All sorted, sort need to reply to above. Sorry for wasting space.

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