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Posted by: jagl04 on June 20 2018,22:16

Aersoft also gave me permission to mod their excellent SH60B, to create a SH60R version, and to load them with functional weapons. This is an unfinished project that will be only available at Aerosoft forum, as freeware, for Aerosoft SH60B owners. Since it is still on developement, suggestions are welcome.
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Posted by: jagl04 on Aug. 10 2018,23:54

The SH60B /SH60R mod for Aerosoft Seahawk is now available for free download at Aerosoft forum: < >
Includes three versions for both (SH60B and R) models:
  Armed with Hellfire missiles
  Armed with Penguin missile
Developed with the help of Tony Cullen. Tacpack enabled by Corrado La Costa
Dafe landings


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