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Posted by: Spac3Rat on Dec. 06 2017,10:21

Hey everyone.

I have written a small article about my experience with VR over the last couple of weeks.

I hope it will help someone out there to make a decision or, at least, to know a bit more about what's it all about.

Check it out < here >.

Posted by: CarolineFlack on Jan. 29 2018,12:38

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Posted by: Spac3Rat on Feb. 04 2018,15:04

You know, it would be nice if you clarified that you are part of that company.

Not cool.

Posted by: Zorro on Feb. 19 2018,02:01

Sergio, That is an excellent review. When I get back into flying, hopefully later this year, going VR.

Posted by: Spac3Rat on Feb. 20 2018,08:08

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's a game-changer. Granted, we are still in the first generation but it's such a new and remarkable experience that I find it very much worth it as it is right now.

Posted by: Simon853 on Feb. 20 2018,12:21

I've been pretty much exclusively flying in VR for about 2 years now.  It truly is game-changing.  The only downside is that for now, the resolution is a challenge when it comes to displaying gauges clearly.

My Rift in combination with LeapMotion gesture recognition is an unparalleled experience.  Flying a helicopter over Snowdonia with GenX photo textures is a dream.


Posted by: LouP on Mar. 05 2018,01:42

Hi Guys,

Been flying VR for a week now and can't go back.  I just installed Leap motion today and that added to the excitement.  Heli flying (and other aircraft) is amazing in vr.  I am watching for the new Vive Pro coming out because the only glitch right now is the resolution issue.


Posted by: Zorro on Mar. 05 2018,05:47

I got a mint Oculus DK-2 with leap motion but unfortunately, I got ill a couple years ago that hosed my energy and I stopped flying.  But the health problem is getting solved and hoping online flying will pick up later this year.
Posted by: corbu1 on Mar. 05 2018,19:52

I have a htc vive.
Flying helos in VR is my one and only way simflying with P3dv4.
The immersion experience is so intensive I can‘t sit in front of a monitor again.


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