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Posted by: jeansy on July 16 2017,11:43

Want different coastal pleasure boat AI instead of those plain and ugly stock small boat AI please read the following , im too lazy to re write it

< >

Posted by: flewpastu on July 17 2017,22:07

Thanks Jeansy. as always, much appreciate your work


Posted by: highside7r on July 23 2017,20:17

Add these to another author working a large USN AI boat package if you want to play "squid" for a day.
Posted by: jeansy on July 25 2017,11:26


with the 64bit platform its given room for more eye candy

Im getting board with the road traffic as well, so

im going paint up some trucks in some region liveries ie UPS, local food or supermarket brand schemes, ambos and police which will work as you can set each region to display different traffic objects

and I found a motorbike which i want to include as road AI

anyway just like everything else i normally post, what i want compared to what i actually do may vary


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