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Posted by: LouP on Aug. 05 2017,20:20

Has anyone gotten a blade slap program to work in P3D v4.  I see that the program here utilizes a .gau file so I assume it won't work.  The sound effect really added immersion into heli flying in fsx.


Posted by: euroastar350 on Aug. 09 2017,06:50

Doug Dawson has since released 64-bit versions of his sound gauge and many other gauges for P3DV4.

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Posted by: LouP on Aug. 10 2017,01:20

Thanks George,  trying to work it out.


Posted by: LouP on Aug. 10 2017,15:04

Worked perfectly.  Thank you, I have blade slap back in my helis in P3D v4 now.


Posted by: focamagica on Aug. 16 2017,04:32

hello i go to dougs site and see many thing to down load, can some one please tell me witch one do i have to get and where to put it please?
Posted by: LouP on Aug. 16 2017,20:51

Simply download the blade slap kit from this site and instead of using the "dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau" file in the gauge folder use the "dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll" file from Doug's website in it's place.  The rest of the set-up remains the same.



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