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Posted by: Shawn on Jan. 02 2017,03:53

FireFighter X got me thinking about designing again. Only took me 4 days to figure out how to add landable surfaces again but that's about 3 months faster than last time. I've got 10 new helipads so far, placed with Instant Scenery.

Posted by: GmanM on Jan. 02 2017,18:39

Nice work Shawn.

I told Instant Scenery to pound sand after being refused the IS3 update for FSX-SE, I just don't do that much scenery object placement anymore..

After recently making some new large format Crosshair+ models including some night visible versions, I got to thinking that I should make scenery objects from the various crosshairs, grids, and bullseyes which could be placed as placemarks and rulers for scenery layouts.

While testing placing them with MCX and ADEX, it occurred to me that if I went the opposite direction and converted one of my FSX ChopperWorld towers as a Crosshairs+ aircraft, I could fly/slew the tower into position just like in Instant Scenery (even uneven positions like you have shown). Then, using the positional data supplied by Jim Robinson's scenery gauge for the CH+, I could plug the positional info into MCX or ADEX and place it.

Although I initially had some issues with the tower scenery object version having a slightly different centerpoint from the aircraft version which resulted in inaccurate placements, once I got the scenery versions centered correctly, it worked really well.
I am now up to around five flyable CH+ tower/pad "aircraft".

Since most of our fuel stations, towers, pads, trailers and trailer/GSE groups have multiple models with similar footprints, I can use a single model aircraft for all models of that group, and then just select the desired model from the list, much like we did for the invisible platforms.

We had a mountain pad which like your log pads is made to be placed against a hill or cliff, and it was actually easier to place by slewing than it was in IS2 with the WYSIWYG mode.

Great to see your log pads again, before my old computer died I had a couple of dozen of your FSX log pads placed, so I may need to figure out where your FSX log pads are in my computer and get some more back into action.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Posted by: Shawn on Jan. 05 2017,17:51

Thanks Gary, what are you using  to place scenery with now? Ill admit i didnt follow all of your post, its been awhile since i have dabbled in any of this stuff. If you want the model files or the library files with all the pass let me known ill send them to you. I have 15 new pads and 9 pad marker signs so far.
Posted by: GmanM on Jan. 05 2017,22:09

Hi Shawn,
MCX=Model Converter X
ADEX=Airport Design Editor X

They both have a bit of a learning curve, but both, especially MCX are quite handy for many uses working with .MDLs.

Yeah, I would like to see the new kit. I can PM you with my email or you can PM me if you have a link.

I can't remember if I gave you a copy of the ChopperWorld kit I reworked for FSX, but if you want to give it a look I will send a link to you for that as well.



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