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Posted by: spirittoo on April 06 2017,18:49

I was checking out the XP11 Demo ... took over 5 hours to download and install ??? .  The default helicopter ( S-76C) is a lot nicer than the defaults in XP10.
Anyway ... does anyone have it?  There is a black jet near the city, just sitting there with the engines going full blast.  It's easy to spot because of the big black cloud can be seen for miles.

Is it just me or are those that have it see the same thing? :O

The demo is a keeper, because the graphic are nice in that area, they made sure of that.  It's a 20 min limit, but I can live with that.

I'm sure the full version will need addon scenery and that is going to require more GPU, and memory power ... they are saying 16-32GB! ... and at least 4GB for the GPU! I don't have that kind of power.

Posted by: spirittoo on April 06 2017,18:50

Here is a video of the new xp defaut helicopter ...
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