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Posted by: LouP on Aug. 13 2017,01:20

I transferred Voos Heat Shimmer effect over to P3d v4 but it looks a lot less transparent and almost like smoke in P3D.  It utilizes the fx_wake_2.bmp for texture.  Does anyone know how to make this more transparent so it looks like heat shimmer as it did in fsx?

Thanks again,

Posted by: LouP on Aug. 15 2017,01:42

I figured this out myself.  I simply went into the effect file and changed the transparency setting under the color start attribute in both sections of the particle attributes and made it 2 instead of 4.  It looks good but I might reduce it further reduce it to 1 and see how that looks.


Posted by: alvinaamanda11 on Sep. 29 2017,06:57

Heat shimmer is called by temperature differences at varying heights on the air or in a solution. So < Affordable Ez Assignment Help Experts > & you can also get a best similar effect with difference in composition of this solution as you begin to mix it. The difference of air layers have a different index of refraction causing light to bend as it passes from one layer to another, causing a shimmer.

Posted by: Kyrelel on Oct. 01 2017,21:08

Still no option to report posts ?!
Posted by: LouP on Oct. 02 2017,14:38

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Still no option to report posts ?!

Why would it be reported???


Posted by: Kyrelel on Oct. 02 2017,16:33

Erm, to stop these moneymakers? Although it is probably already too late (and their ad has been registered and they've been paid for it) it would be nice to remove them (the posts and the users) from the site.

Adolfalexander (HC395AD) is another one that noone seems bothered to remove. (Top 4 posts in Panel and Gauge Development Discussion subforum :/)

EDIT: To clarify, I am speaking about the post by alvinaamanda11 (HC677AL), not your original post.

Posted by: LouP on Oct. 03 2017,14:35

OK, I see what you are referring to now.

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