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Posted by: flightmedic911us on May 09 2018,19:35

Does anybody know if the H&S EC145 works in FSX:Steam? I know they were working on a new version a few years ago but it never got released.
Posted by: TiAr on May 11 2018,13:18

Steve, I know its a shame, but we never released the EC145 for FSX or P3D. Michael has IMHO no interests in flight simulations anymore. So we have to respect this.

Unfortuately I donīt have the new FSX source. Sorry mate.

Posted by: flightmedic911us on May 11 2018,14:42

wow, that is a shame. Too bad we couldn't get the source from him. I am sure he kept them. What about the FS2004 EC145 you did? Do you still have the source files from the US HEMS models? I personally still have the source files for the outside of the aircraft that I sent you. You used your interior. If you have the FS2004 files still, maybe someone like Eurocopter350 or Nate could convert them to FSX. It works in FSX with Acceleration. The only problems I have found.

The clam shells won't open, which isn't a problem. The huge issue is when the batteries are on there is a reflective poly over the starter area. Also the back up gauges are all black. I think each model would just need to be compiled to FSX. I have the program but I don't know how to code the switches. I would be more than happy to get it back up and running for FSX.

I am not sure if it will work in Steam and I want to get a new computer. Its the only aircraft I fly.

Posted by: TiAr on May 11 2018,22:24

donīt take me wrong - the fsx models were never finished.

Yes, I have the fs9 sources for all models - they all still exist. But these are not very helpful, because you have to change all animations with their codings and other special things completely new.

I will try to contact Michael the next days and ask for files. But I loose contact to him since many years...


Posted by: flightmedic911us on May 12 2018,22:58

I wish I knew it would work in Steam like it does FSX box. But I can't get it out of anybody.
Posted by: euroastar350 on May 17 2018,05:29

I have a EC145 source that I think was sent to me by flightmedic911us many years ago and never did a FS9/FSX conversion for it until now. I have the exterior fuselage, cowlings, tailboom already mapped in 3DS Max and will require a ton of work to get a decent model into the FSX/P3D skies. Another issue is that I am a one man show running Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations and has been that way for the last 7 years, so I don't have any steady help to finish any of my current models or future models and I do have plenty including a revamped "Version 2" of my Bell 206, Bell 222/222B/222UT and Bell 429, plus a very nice and detailed Britten Norman Trislander. I've had some help with painting and paintkit creation for these models, but everything else has been me alone, so don't expect the 145 to come soon. I would like additional help with some of these models, but I guess some folks are either busy with their own projects or helping with other developer projects. I'll bring the 145 to the table, but it'll be months and months before I even have a base model done, unless I get help.
Posted by: euroastar350 on May 17 2018,05:52

Thomas (@TiAr), I can convert the models to FSX native using ModelConverterX since it has the ability to import FSDS sources and export to a variety of formats, It'll save me lots of time having to redevelop the helicopter from scratch, etc. If you have the XML code used during the development process, that can be converted into FSX code quite easily.
Posted by: TiAr on May 19 2018,21:50

George, to convert the models into FSX or P3DV4 is not the problem. I donīt have the modeldev of EC145 model, Michael created.

Modeldev of my or Mijoīs EC135 is at least not very useful - most of systems are not the same. Thatīs the problem.

But as I wrote I will try to contact Mijo. But this needs time.


Posted by: Bluebear on May 20 2018,11:01

Hello Thomas,
Have you tried to extract the needed modeldev via MCX ?
I have just tried it , and was able to save the ModelDef.xml for the inner
and outsite model.
The latest MCX version have an option to save each ModelDef.xml files.


Posted by: TiAr on May 20 2018,13:30

Ulrich, yes I know it. Just wondering, did you extract EC145?

As I wrote before - to convert EC135 FSX to get modeldev is not helpful to use it in EC145.

Two reasons about it:
- this modeldev is Michaels work - and I respect his work.
- EC145 is different


Posted by: Bluebear on May 20 2018,14:50

Thomas, yes i had a look at the EC145 modeldev.
You will found your custom anim's there.
I could send you the files, but i assume you could
extract the ModelDef.xml yourself   :;):

Posted by: TiAr on May 21 2018,22:43

George, to announce this project on facebook as common Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations project for FSX/P3D is not fair to me. I am the main author of H&S EC145. Please PM.


Posted by: TiAr on May 25 2018,21:39

First step of H145T1 is done. I was able to compile model to native FSX. And it works in P3DV4, too. But due of missing animations, it is not possible to compile it to a native P3DV4 model. But at least not a big thing.

I used a EC-145 T1 VIP model of 2012, which was never released. ???

Avionics are working. Exterior and cockpit sound too.

Thanks to Ulrich, who decompile the vip model. But the code is not complete - a lot of handwork have to be done, but workable.

I will sleep over some nights, if it is possible to me to work further on a new H145.

This is not an official announcement, so pease be patient.


Posted by: Bluebear on May 26 2018,09:07

Great news, Thomas, i'm looking forward.
The EC145 VIP model are from the FS2004 EC145 _base
package here from the download section.  :;):

Posted by: shawnjasper on Aug. 03 2018,05:29

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