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Posted by: jeansy on Mar. 04 2018,11:03

Please find the attached link and with a working P3D v4.2 code for the autopilot 2d pop window for helicopters written by Lockheed Martin

Download link>< >

  *This a very basic file, it was a part of the SDK however most would over look it or are not aware that it exists.
  * This is the new p3d v4.2 code and gauge  that runs like Dirks HAP not a  3rd party addon that runs external to the sim,  it runs the same way Dirks old one did.

   * Just remember to go into the joystick/keyboard controls and assign a key or button to toggle nav/gps, this way you can enter your airport, then toggle gps with the keystroke or button, then select nav on the AP and it will fly you to your GPS position automatically and then circle that spot on arrival, or fly a gps plotted flight plan using the flight programmer.

   *Otherwise you will need to manually edit the heading as you fly and continue to monitor it however it will over fly the final way point and keep flying on that heading, if you toggle nav/gps its fly and forget and you will have the freedom to get up and move around, have a nap, watch tv etc etc

   *Warning it does require some basic knowledge on editing .cfg files, it should not be any harder than adding a paint

   * I know I shouldnt have to say this but please read the read me file it has all the guidance on aircraft/sim.cfg and panel.cfgs (to date most of the problems encountered have been people not reading the" whole" instructions)


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