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Group: Certified Pilot
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Joined: Nov. 2008
Posted: Mar. 27 2013,17:25

You're on a trip to beautiful England with your buddies when they decide... Hey you're a pilot, let's rent a plane and you can take us sight seeing!

The Objective:

Start at Shoreham airport (EGKA) and fly a scenic route for you and your buddies before returning the helicopter to Shoreham.

The Situation:

Load you and your three buddies up and depart from Shoreham (EGKA) and head North to London. Don't be afraid to get down there and show them the beautiful city but be careful, London Heathrow is close and those jets will run you over! After a birds eye view of London, land at London city airport (EGLC) for some breakfast. After breakfast depart and head north to Cambridge (EGSC). Be sure to admire the county side! After a bathroom break at Cambridge, continue on to Birmingham (EGBB). After Birmingham, head to the stunning Cardiff airport (EGFF). Finally, after departing Cardiff, head back to Shoreham (EGKA) to return the helo.

The Requirements:

1: Allowed one free full tank of fuel. You can opt to take less if you know you can make it.
2: Weight-Your own weight, Passenger 1-200lbs, Passenger 2-168lbs, Passenger 3-195lbs.
3: Use the same aircraft the entire trip. You are renting it.
4: Post pictures from the flight!

Enjoy gents! And sorry for my lack of knowledge in the England area.

Edited by rotrhed on Mar. 27 2013,17:26

Brad Moreland
HC Instructor Pilot (retired)

"If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off."-Chuck Yeager
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captain murdock

Group: Member
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Joined: Nov. 2012
Posted: Mar. 27 2013,19:55

Nice for the days off on easter.

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Group: Member
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Posted: April 03 2013,04:34

Sounds like a lot of fun! Going to try it this weekend. I will load up with extra tea. I am sure no one will mind if I land in a few public parks to take in some cites and have a tea break along the way.
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