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Posted by: trooping on Mar. 13 2017,21:05

Hey All,

Got a question for all of you guys that have the CV1, Xplane and fly the 407, S92, S76 or AS350.

Im about to get myself the Rift, Im convinced that its the best thing to being there from all I have seen on youtube and read in reviews.  I want to move away from the traditional home cockpit and just have a nice and compact setup.

One thing that nobody ever seems to write about in their reviews, or post on youtube, is what is it like flying at night in helicopters on the Rift?  Is the lighting awesome?  Do get that "real" feeling like your in the aircraft and how do all the backlit panels look?

If anyone cares to answer or post a video up, Id love to know before buying one...


Posted by: Mickey700 on Mar. 14 2017,18:40

Hi Trooping,

i cant speak for x-plane but i can speak for P3D3.x. Im not a real world chopper pilot but i do fly as a CPT on an CRJ so i can give a little feedback real vs Rift.

I did a few spins in FS choppers like all MilViz and Nemeth choppers. Altough that the FOV is a kind of obstructed due to the so called screendoor effect. It feels a bit like wearing snowboard goggles. But the feeling of being "inside" the cockpit and and hovering is way better than flying 2D. Im now able to have the feeling of depth and better attitude anticipation. Also head movement is more natural than with for ex TrackIR.

To answer your question about night flying, on one hand it is really good and stunning but the down thing is that that the night lighting might be a bit to bright and it will reflect in the lenses. Maybe my sim might be a bit too bright.

Hope that helps :)

Posted by: 19dcavscout on Mar. 15 2017,12:46

I have heard issues with the Rift about the resolution of it. I have heard its really hard to read gauges and such while flying normally. Is this true?
Posted by: Mickey700 on Mar. 15 2017,15:22

Hi scout,

well the resolution is somwhat ok. The guages are a little bit blurry but readable. You cant compare it with an HD or an UHD display. I dont mind it ATM i have some PC power left to add som SGSS so it would get a bit better. Going for max resolution and my settings will bring my 1080 to its knees.

Posted by: nightsta1ker on Mar. 18 2017,05:49

So as both a real world professional helicopter pilot and a sim enthusiast who owns a cv1 and flies it in x-plane 10,  I can tell you a couple of things.  1: if you really want to max out the graphics capabilities in the Rift, you need to use supersampling.  I recommend you find the Oculus Tray Tool app.  The trade-off is that this will usually crush your frame rates.  Even with the best new GPU, you will have trouble running X-plane maxed out on the Rift.

2.  My first experience flying helicopters in x-plane using the rift made me nearly vomit.  I would HIGHLY recommend you find a place that has an Oculus demo station so you can try it before you buy it.  I am about 50/50 on whether or not I want to even keep mine because half the time I get sick after half an hour or so of play.

Posted by: trooping on Mar. 20 2017,18:31


Can you elaborate more on why it makes you sick?  Is it because your body is not moving in concert with the screen as it would in a full motion sim?  I dont really suffer from any motion sickness ( or no motion sickness if that makes sense... ) so not sure that would be a factor for me.

Also, what is your verdict on how the CV1 represents full immersion, like actually being in the cockpit itself?  I know most people say that this is the best thing about the rift, however I like to get as many opinions as I can, especially from the helicopter community and Xplane users.

My favourite helicopter to fly in Xplane is the 407, and with those full length windows on the cockpit doors visibility Im sure in the rift would be excellent - what is your opinion on this?

Also, as mentioned, most people are saying that depth perception is dramatically improved - a big bonus for landing.  One thing that I always struggle with in 2D on the computer monitor is that last couple of feet when I am putting it down or trying to get into an IGE hover - I am hoping the rift will fix this issue.

Lastly, what is your opinion on the night flying in the rift?  Do you have the light reflection in the lenses issue that was mentioned?



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