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Topic: Only left pedal?, Rudder pedal issue. htr 1.5 fsuipc 4.971< Next Oldest | Next Newest >

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Posted: Nov. 12 2017,08:15


I'm new HTR and having a problem with the pedal setup.

In FSUIPC my rudder pedals show 16380 full left pedal and -16380 full right pedal. Zero in the centre.

In HTR the indicator for pedals only changes using the left pedal?

When the pedals are centred it shows 000% and full left pedal shows 100%. Moving the right pedal does nothing? I was expecting it to go negative?  

I'd be grateful for any advice on what I'm doing wrong. I'm using HTR 1.5 and FSUIPC 4.971 (Registered).

Thanks in advance.
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Bumble B

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Posted: Jan. 17 2018,18:13


I can confirm the same issue with latest FSUIPC 5.122 as well. With pedals centered, HTR windows reads 0% (or 14% or so, depending on what pedal ofset is set in helicopter config file). Applying left pedal, reading correctly goes to 100%, but on right pedal, it never goes below 0%. This also corresponds with the flight dynamics - applying right pedal doesn't give me any additional yaw beyond what's generated by main rotor's torque.

And yes, my axes are set correctly - I tried to run them through FSUIPC calibration, send them to P3D as normal axis, and also set them directly in the controls menu (no FSUIPC involved). In all cases, I can see the in-cockpit pedals move all the way, also without HTR I have full pedal authority, so no problem with settings.

I also heard that some apps tried to get around an old bug in FSUIPC that is no longer present, and to get them behave correctly, you have to set "AxesWrongRange=Yes" in FSIUPC5.ini. Alas, that didn't solve my issue either.

So, any tips? Honestly, flying choppers in FSX / P3D with default dynamics is pointless, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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Posted: Jan. 29 2018,04:00

Normally HTR reads the full range of pedals and offsets them by the default pedal angle set in parameters...

Have to check with the last FSUIPC version though

The maker of Helicopter Total Realism, now working on Airland, a dedicated helicopter sim
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Posted: Feb. 13 2018,06:25

tried 5.122 on p3dv4.1 and 4.2 w/ htr v1.5, working fine.
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