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Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 04 2017,21:09

Uploading files requires me to log in using my Forums Login details; however, each time I have tried logging in I am getting an error message telling me my details are incorrect when they are not.  

Can someone tell me what the problem is please?


Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 07 2017,05:58

Really?  116 views and no one can tell me what the problem is?  Aren't their admins or something that visit the forums?
Posted by: Manilow on Jan. 07 2017,09:09

Until you are given full Member status by the admin you will have very limited access here at Hovercontrol. I'm assuming this is done for the prevention of robot posting.

You will have to be patient. The admins are not as available as they used to be due to real world commitments.

With full access the files section is available for uploads, and your online flying information is generated which will issue you with a call sign.

Hope that clears thing up...


Posted by: aussiebird on Jan. 08 2017,08:50

Thanks for the explanation it is always good to know the "ins and outs" when first joining a forum of any type.

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