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Posted by: S92 on Mar. 04 2018,23:16

Hi all,

Thinking of getting this, anybody use it for flying helicopters?

For use in Virtual Cockpit only?

Posted by: LouP on Mar. 05 2018,01:34

I was using mine all the time and couldn't do without it... until I got a Vive and started VR flying.  It's amazing, now only to get the resolution up. :-)


Posted by: Zorro on Mar. 05 2018,05:49

Track ir is great. Would not fly without it.
Posted by: S92 on Mar. 05 2018,18:56

Thanks fellas, is it for the Virtual Cockpit only? If I move around in the cabin will this help? Does it work in spot mode?

Many thanks for the replies.

Posted by: GmanM on Mar. 11 2018,18:03

I have had TrackIR since it came out, I don't fly without it.

I have noted some issues with FSX-SE or Win 10 where the button used for re-centering the view was assigned to (Steam) screenshot mode, and though I turned it off in Steam, I haven't figured out how to reset it for TrackIR.

TrackIR works inside and outside the cabin, is well worth the money, and a lot cheaper than any other alternatives to using the hat switch.
I love this product!


Posted by: Simon853 on Mar. 16 2018,12:35

TrackIR is great.  Though full VR is much better in most regards in FSX/P3D, one advantage TrackIR still has over VR is that you don't suffer the reduction in resolution as of course you're still using your desktop screen and so reading instruments is never an issue.  Plus there are other great flight sims out there that support TrackIR and not VR, such as Rise of flight and Falcon 4 BMS.

You won't be disappointed.


Posted by: harvey on April 16 2018,09:10

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