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Posted by: Blackberry on July 04 2018,10:20

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Posted by: Gloriawoods on Aug. 07 2018,10:21

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Posted by: GmanM on Aug. 10 2018,04:51

Unless you propose to post a professional essay on helicopters or helicopter simulation, these posts are inappropriate for this forum.


Posted by: jeansy on Aug. 10 2018,08:37

theyre bots Gaz

one post wonders

Posted by: LONE WOLF 61 A on Aug. 10 2018,15:34

makes you wonder where the Admins have dissapeared too hmmm ! :angry:
Posted by: Evavosper on Aug. 15 2018,10:29

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Posted by: GmanM on Aug. 18 2018,17:56

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
theyre bots Gaz

one post wonders

Hi Matt,

Yeah, I know. Probably the result of one of those "I will show you how to become wealthy on the internet" schemes, where they open accounts here and there and then share the sites with their proteges. I can't say that it seems like a good plan to all post in the same thread.

I really hate to see this happening here, I remember what they did to the Rwy12 website, which pretty much had to be torpedoed and sunk due to the filth.

I know the admins don't get in here too much anymore, just thought one of the flight instructors might notice the traffic and drop a dime to Jordan.

Always good to hear from you Matt, I keep up with your posts on FB. By the way, you are doing a fine job of producing repaints for all of the payware aircraft I don't have.   :D
Top notch stuff, always enjoy seeing your work.

Cheers Mate


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