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Posted by: Silvabaque on May 27 2018,16:08

Hello all. My question is how can I adjust the cruise pitch attitude of the Care Sim UH60L?

The current pitch attitude is about 2-5 degrees nose up. This is correct during hovering, but in forward flight, the pitch attitude should be nose down of about 0-3 degrees.

Which file (.air or .cfg) will I need to change?

Thank you.

Posted by: Bluebottle on May 29 2018,12:43

It is a difficult thing to get right and there is no recognised right or wrong way to do it.

The simplest way (it isnít at all simple) is to adjust the engine/rotor power against the drag on the aircraft.
The problem is that everything you do will affect all other parameters so it might change the climb rate, cruise speed, max altitude etc.

Posted by: Silvabaque on May 29 2018,18:05


Thanks for the reply. I also noticed with the helicopter on level ground, the attitude indicator shows about a 5 degree nose low. Can the fix be something as simple as adjusting the default gauge setting?

Posted by: Bluebottle on May 29 2018,21:52

I donít know the product but the first thing I would check is - does the attitude indicator have a functioning adjustment?

If it does, check that the Horizon is set properly for the aircraft.

Posted by: Silvabaque on May 30 2018,18:28

The product is the CeraSim UH-60L (apologies for the typo earlier)

1. The attitude indicator is adjustable and can be set to the horizon on level ground. The problem is that during forward level flight, you are now flying with a 3-5 degree nose up attitude.

2. If I leave the attitude indicator in the default setting of 5 degrees nose low, it will be level with the horizon during forward level flight. The actual helicopter however will be at a 3-5 degree nose up attitude.

I hope its not too confusing.

Posted by: highside7r on June 10 2018,21:40

Have you used Fred's HTR 1.5 program? "kdfw" has created a few good profiles to include the Cera UH-60 that adjusts the cruise pitch among other fixes.
Posted by: kdfw on June 11 2018,03:51

you cannot change or fix the hover/cruise attitude with aircraft.cfg or the .air file.

only methods: modify the .mdl xyz reference or use htr.

Posted by: Silvabaque on June 11 2018,17:22


I see you've fixed it using HTR. Is there a way to adjust the fuel flow to get a 964PPH burn rate? That should equate to 2+30 of flight time.

Posted by: kdfw on June 12 2018,00:44

for ff, think inlet area is the parameter to tweak.
fuel_flow_gain          = 0.09                 //Gain on fuel flow
inlet_area              = 1.0                   //Square Feet, engine nacelle inlet area

you can of course scale the amount of max fuel loaded to make it run out in whatever time if above tweak isn't quite good enough for you.


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