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Posted by: Rico918 on Sep. 22 2017,01:03

FSX won't load on Windows 10. Is there a fix for this?
Thank you

Posted by: Kyrelel on Sep. 22 2017,15:23

There is, it's called Windows 7 :)

Seriously, though, we'd need a bit more information in order to suggest a fix. Such as, when does it crash, what does it say, what does Event Viewer say, etc, ..

Posted by: Habu1967 on Sep. 23 2017,18:30

I have had FSX Acceleration installed under Windows 10 with no problems. Follow the common suggestion to install it in it's own directory rather than the default. A much simpler option is to install FSX Steam Addition. It has most of the performance tweaks built in and I have had no CTD or OMM errors on my 64 bit system. I'm order to minimize problems with installing optional software I suggest removing FSX prior to installing the SE version.


Posted by: Rico918 on Sep. 26 2017,01:03

Installshield Wizard freezes up, I then get an error code of 1603 fatal error during instalation after I run disc 1.
Posted by: Simon853 on Sep. 26 2017,11:31

1) Try running the installer as administrator.
2) Try installing it somewhere other than the default 'Program Files (x86)' directory.

Posted by: Rico918 on Sep. 27 2017,15:04

I got it to install and run, but there is no desktop icon and when I close it, i cant find it to run it again.

What other location should I load it into?

Posted by: Simon853 on Sep. 29 2017,11:41

By default, on Windows 10, the 'C:\Program Files (x86)' directory is protected by the user account control.  Old installers will fail to put stuff there.

You can either circumvent the protection and give your user account full access, turn off UAC altogether (both not recommended for security reasons), or simply create a separate folder, such as 'C:\Games' and install it into there.

After that, just search for the fsx.exe in the installed directory, right-click and select ' Create short-cut', then drag the new short cut to your desktop.

But, you really are better off using the Steam version.  It has allegedly a lot of fixes in it to solve issues that have arisen since FSX's original release, which was designed for Windows XP.

Posted by: Rico918 on Sep. 30 2017,01:39

So Steam is better? I was wondering what the diffrence is.

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