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Posted by: LouP on Dec. 24 2016,14:06

Hi Guys,

It's been a while but I am back.  :-)  I'm trying to map the light switch to my collective but it doesn't seem to work correctly for the Nemeth/Milviz helis I purchased.  Even when mapping to the landing lights in fsuipc.  Anyone know what FS command the landing lights in the Nemeth helis is mapped to?


Posted by: Mickey700 on Jan. 01 2017,13:39

Hello Lou,

unfortunately i cant help you with just FSUIPC but you can check out LINDA FSX. It is a freeware add on tool which gives you the capability to program every button of your joystick.

It takes a little time to get used to as you have to wright your own module. Which is pretty easy once you get grips to it. It is mostly copy/paste action.

You also need to know the corresponding LVars of your model you like to fly. These LVars will be shown in LINDA´s Tracer menu. Read the manual for further.

I wrote a few modules for MilViz, IRIS and CeraSim aircrafts. Im using them with my TM Warthog HOTAS.

It is available over at avsim and it needs a registered copy of FSUIPC.


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