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Posted by: jeansy on July 06 2017,12:57

the 1st of 5 Mil schemes for the ND Bk117

finally pulled my finger out for the numerous personal requests for the cera

The next lot are for the virtavia/Alpahsim Blackhawk or the default H60 in P3D
however they will only be available via  
< >


Posted by: jeansy on July 06 2017,15:01

1 revised and 3 new ones, The Naval ones start tomorrow

Posted by: flewpastu on July 06 2017,20:56

Glad to see you you are recovering well Jeansy, great repaints as always Jedi Master


Posted by: highside7r on July 07 2017,02:19

-117 is a pretty good stand-in for the H145/UH-72. Great camo on the Aussie Hawk.
Posted by: Tac01 on July 07 2017,04:52

Wow, nice man.
Posted by: jeansy on July 07 2017,13:30

thank you
2 more

Posted by: jeansy on July 07 2017,16:55

Posted by: jeansy on July 09 2017,06:08

all the ND Bk117/UH-72 paints are now uploaded at OZx home page @ < >

or direct < Download from here >


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