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Posted by: spirittoo on Oct. 29 2017,18:28

First problem is I can't get the throttle to work properly in FSX SE... what I have to do is keep playing with the control settings until it works.  I have to set the throttle and stick to default.  Then I have to change the axis where the throttle is disable in the stick ... and disable the axis for the stick in the throttle.  I have to go through this several time in order to get some kind of control.  Right now the only way I can get some kind of throttle control is have everything set at default and bump the throttle up a bit on the stick.  It's not stable but I get a little control from the throttle.  I have the ch product stick, throttle and pedals.  The throttle works fine in XPlane.

Second problem is I had to format my FSX/Par3D/XP rig hard drive and I reinstalled Par3D but it won't open after it completes loading everything. Everything works normally until it gets to that point then nothing but a black screen (no opening screen) and the program won't respond anymore. I have to close it out. Any idea what the problem is? ???  Thank you for reading my post.    :laugh:


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