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Posted by: LouP on April 04 2017,19:20

I added some loads to carry using AI carriers and while I managed to attach a few times, each time the cable snapped even though I was really careful not to pull too quickly.

But it takes way too long to attach to the cargo.  The problem is that I can't see where the hook actually is in relation to what I am trying to pick up (cuz it's directly below me).  I tried some separate views in windows while in the VC so I could kind of see where the hook was but it's still hard to judge.  Does anyone have any tricks on getting the hook attached?  I'm also thinking that the stuff I am trying to lift may be too heavy but there's not much selection in the objects folder.  Anyone know of an object that I should be able to lift so I know it's not my flying? lol

Thanks guys,

Posted by: corbu1 on April 04 2017,19:47

Hello LouP,
I use an external view as a hook cam. I activate this view in a separate window while flying from the virtual cockpit and I can see the cable and the slingload under the helo.

Here on HC is a thread how creating those. Iews an example for a longline hook cam.

The Link:
< views >

Posted by: Bluebottle on April 04 2017,21:36

Also - the weight that can be safely lifted is determined in the aircraft cfg and some are higher than others

(For example our 206 is restricted to what a real 206 can lift, which isn't very much, or the cable will break a chinook will be able to carry a lot more)

Check the cfg on your aircraft has the values you expect.

Posted by: LouP on April 06 2017,21:07

Talk about a humbling experience.  I tried again for over an hour with the ND AS350 and couldn't attach even once.  Makes you feel like maybe you just s^&$ at this.  I can hover just fine but try and move a little closer and all kinds of c^%$ takes over.  Transitional lift when barely moving, really??

Hats off to all you rw heli pilots out there.



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