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Group: Certified Pilot
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Posted: Feb. 03 2011,22:30

With the new year brings many new ideas to the Hovercontrol community. One thing I would like to start doing is a hoplist type of event. Only this one has a bit of a twist!

The challenge of this event is to test your flight planning skills, piloting skills, and your critical thinking skills. The flight is designed to mimic the real world as close as possible.

The Objective:

Get from Missoula, Montana(KMSO) to Calgary AB, Canada(CYYC) That is all you have to do. Easy right? Wrong.

The Situation:

Your objective is to transport 3 people from Missoula to Calgary safely and quickly.
Yourself(Add your own weight)
3 Passengers(One weighs 150lbs, another 180lbs, the last 120lbs)
Everyones Bags(Total of 65lbs)

The Requirments:

1:Must land at an airport less then 3,000ft long.
2:Must land at 1 dirt, 1 grass, and 1 gravel airport.
3:Must land at an airport with a runway 50ft wide or less.
4:Must land at an airport 3,500ft MSL or higher.
5:Must land at a class D,E, or G airport.
6:Must land at another international airport besides KMSO or CYYC.

You can meet more than one objective at an airport.

The Rules and Other info:

You get one free tank of fuel at KMSO(Not required to start with full tank)
You must stop for 25 minutes minimum for refueling.(Sim time)
You cannot fly over 8 hours straight. After 8 hours, you must stop at an airport and find a hotel. 10 Hour minimum rest time(Sim or actual time)
Keep your sim time realistic regardless of actual day/time.(You land at 11:00am local time for refuel and walk away from the computer for two hours, you can resume at 1:00PM or set your sim time for say 11:30AM.)
Must fly the same aircraft the whole trip.
Real world weather preffered but not required.
All flights must be done under VFR/SVFR conditions
All FARS must be complied with.(No flying in restricted airspace, 250kts or greater below 10,000ft, etc...)

The rundown:

Passengers are expecting to depart February, 05, 2011 at 07:00AM.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post here and maybe as you complete the trip, take some screenies and post them up for us to see.

Remember, the flight does not have to be done in real world time.

Have fun with it!

You may fly alone or as a group!

Edited by rotrhed on Feb. 03 2011,22:54

Brad Moreland
HC Instructor Pilot (retired)

"If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off."-Chuck Yeager
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Group: Certified Pilot
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Joined: April 2011
Posted: July 26 2011,00:44

Thanks Brad for the Challenge.  It was a real blast putting this together and flying the plan.


Aircraft - Carenado Baron 58

Passengers On Board

Pilot 205lbs
Passenger 1 - 180lbs
Passenger 2 - 150lbs
Passenger 3 - 120lbs

Baggage 70 lbs (35 forward / 35 aft)

Full Fuel Load (68 gals Left Wing / 68 gals Right Wing)

Gross Weight at Takeoff 5311 lbs (Max Gross Weight = 5500)


1. 6:57am Depart KMSO - Missoula (Feb 5, 2011)
  Fly VOR MSO (112.8) 45 degree outbound 77.8nm

2. 7:32am Arrive 0MT1 - Williams Field (alt 4070 03/21 Dirt Runway 1500x30)

3. 7:38am Depart 0MT1 - Williams Field (Class G)
  Fly VOR GTF (115.1) 78 degree inbound 39.9mn

4. 7:55am Arrive KGTF - Great Falls International Airport (Class D)

5. 8:12am Depart KGTF - Great Falls International Airport
  Fly GPS to KCTB - Cut Bank Mun. - Heading 314 / 78.7 nm

6. 8:48am Arrive KCTB - Cut Bank Mun. (Class E)

  Fuel Stop - Left Wing 18.3 gals
              Right Wing 18.3 gals

7. 9:53am Depart KCTB - Cut Bank Mun.
  Fly VOR YQL (115.7) 333 degree inbound62.6mn

8. 10:21am Arrive YQL (115.7)
  Fly VOR 303 degree outbound 70.2nm to CEN4 - High River

9. 10:52am Arrive CEN4 - High River (Grass)

10. 10:58am Depart CEN4 - High River
   Fly GPS 334 degree 16.3nm to CED6 - Highwood

11. 11:11am Arrive CED6 - Highwood (Gravel)

12. 11:19am Depart CED6 - Highwood
   Fly GPS 327 degree 19.4nm to CYYC - Calgary

13. 11:31am Arrive CYYC - Calgary Intl

  Fuel Stop - Left Wing 17.2 gals
              Right Wing 17.2 gals


Requirements Completed

1.  Land at airport less then 3000ft length
   0MT1 Willaims Field - Length 1500ft Width 30ft

2.  Dirt Field - 0MT1 Williams Field
   Grass Field - CEN4 High River
   Gravel Field - CED6 Highwood

3.  Land at airport with runway 50ft wide or less
   0MT1 Williams Field - Length 1500ft Width 30ft

4.  Land at airport 3,500 MSL or higher
   0MT1 Williams Field - Altitude 4070ft

5.  Land at Class D, E, or G airport.
   Class D - KGTF - Great Falls Intl.
   Class E - KCTB - Cut Bank Mun.
   Class G - 0MT1 - Williams Field

6.  Land at an international airport besides KMSO or CYYC.
   KGTF - Great Falls International Airport.

Edited by tlhflfsx on July 26 2011,00:47

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Group: Certified Pilot
Posts: 1922
Joined: Feb. 2010
Posted: July 26 2011,03:37

Can I do the flight in that Long Ranger?

"No sh!t there I was... inverted with a sling load... Air Medals dangling in my face... taking head shots out the window with my 9mm... couldn't push the pedals because the chin-bubble was full of grenade pins..."

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