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Flight Simulator Enjoyment

Free Dodosim Flettner Fl 282 Released

Mark Adams has announced the release of the free Dodosim helicopter simulation package for the Flettner Fl 282 helicopter.

By Jordan Moore
Sep 23, 2006

Nemeth MD500E Updated by Panther and Vorlin

Chris Gaeth and Scott Stolls have recently released a significant update to the popular MD500E helicopter simulation originally released by the Nemeth Bros.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 12, 2006

Developer Mike Stone releases Kaman K-1200 KMAX

Mike Stone, a prolific flight simulation developer known for his many fixed-wing designs, has recently released his Kaman K-1200 KMax helicopter project.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 8, 2006

Helicopter Simulation....Don't forget to fly.

There are so many aspects to this wonderful pastime of ours. Hours can be spent configuring, tweaking, and looking for the next greatest thing. Just one thing....don't forget to fly.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 8, 2006

Flight Simulator - 5 Misconceptions

Through our involvement with both the flight simulator community, and members of the helicopter flight training industry, we have observed many common misconceptions about pc-based helicopter flight simulation. Some of these misconceptions are perpetuated by individuals that are simply uninformed or inexperienced, while others seem to be perpetuated by those whos insterests are threatened by PC-based helicopter flight simulation. In this article we'll dig into the five misconceptions that we come across the most.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 2, 2006

Peter Nemeth joins Team Commorant.

Peter Nemeth of Nemeth Designs, a respected commercial helicopter flight simulation software team, will be joining team commorant in order to assist with their virtual cockpit work on the CH-149.

By Jordan Moore
Jun 22, 2006

Changing the Look of Hovercontrol

To usher in an exciting new year of helicopter flight simulation and development, Hovercontrol has changed its look.

By Jordan Moore
Jun 18, 2006

Pumping up your immersion in helicopter simulation.

Tedd "Uncle Tedd" Jones takes a quick look at how to take your desktop helicopter flight simulation experience to several new levels. Starting with the affordable, and going up from there!

By Tedd Jones (HC Instructor Pilot)
May 7, 2006

UNICOM Communications

Den takes a look at the purpose of UNICOM radio broadcasts and why they are important and useful. He also provides examples of how Unicom radio transmissions should be used in the Hovercontrol multi-user flight environment.

By HC633BA (Den) - HC Instructor Pilot
Feb 12, 2006

Helicopter Flight Simulation: The Bell 206 Simulator

How far can we take the Helicopter flight and systems modeling within Microsoft Flight Simulator? Stephen Hanley explores the various needs of helicopter flight simulation users and how that can affect the developers such as Dodosim (www.dodosim.com) as they strive to create the ultimate desktop Bell 206 Flight Simulator and other high-end helicopter simulation products for FTD (Flight Training Device) and the desktop.

By Stephen Hanley (SkyMed)
Dec 12, 2005

Jennifer Theil - Helicopter Instructor Pilot

When Mark Fuller (Hovercontrol Member) completed his first helicopter introduction flight in a Robinson R22, he took the time to write about his experience. We thought we would catch up with his instructor pilot, and ask her about her experiences.

By Jordan Moore
Sep 20, 2005

Sgt. Skinner's Helicopter Intro Flight

Sgt. Skinner describes his first real-world intro flight in a Schweizer 300cbi.

By Sgt. Skinner
Aug 9, 2005

Joe Green and his Helicopter Flying Machine

We follow Bats on a journey to discover what "As real as it gets" really means!! A bit of local history, training experiences, and finally, the REAL THING!!

By Gerry "Bats" Pothier
Jun 24, 2005

Bell 206 Helicopter Preflight Checklist

Although certain activities can not be reproduced in the simulator, it is always nice to know what the real-world checklist would have you be doing. Here is a standard Bell 206 Preflight Checklist for those of you that are logging a lot of Jet Ranger time in the sim. Enjoy.

By Kirk Sunley (206Pilot)
Apr 12, 2005

Avoiding Flight Sim Burn-out

In this article I would like to share what this busy simmer/developer has learned about flightsim burn-out, and some tips on how to avoid it. If you are looking for new flight-sim ideas to keep you entertained, this is probably not the article you've been waiting for.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 29, 2005

Mark Fuller's R22 Helicopter Intro Flight

R22 Introl Flight
At 35 years old, my dream of flying a helicopter became reality not too long ago. My obsession started when I was 12, I still have a photo of me grinning from ear to ear, sitting the right seat of a Bell 212. I recently had the opportunity to take an introduction flight in a Robinson R22.

By Mark Fuller
Mar 12, 2005

Flying the Bell 47d1 Helicopter...Todd Compares

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting to fly a real Bell 47D1. This is a opportunity , as with most of us, I had been dreaming of all my life. I am here to relate my experience to you, and to try to give some comparison between the real thing and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

By Todd HC516HO
Aug 4, 2004

The Real Jetranger Helicopter, A Simmers' Perspective.

Bluebottle Piloting
Many simulator pilots ask, "Just how real is the FS9 Jetranger". Recently, Gizmocat and I had the opportunity to fly a real 206 JetRanger.

By Bluebottle (Comments by Gizmocat)
Aug 4, 2004

My R-22 Helicopter Flight

Having never flown a helicopter in the real world before, Hovercontrol Staff Member Scott Westbrook reflects on his recent experience flying an R-22 with an Instructor pilot.

By Scott Westbrook
May 31, 2004

Never Fly Helicopters with the Janitor

Take heed my fellow whirly-bird enthusiasts and learn this lesson well. If you ever harken to the skies and begin chasing the sun to the edge of the horizon be sure that you do it alone or someone you trust.......and FOR GOD SAKES DON"T TAKE THE JANITOR WITH YOU!!!!!

By Doomer1
Mar 4, 2004