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Les Blalock - Completes PTS (Certified Pilot)
By Jordan Moore
Jul 25, 2013, 20:56

Last night we did the first PTS Examination (previously the checkride) for Les Blalock, HC826LE. It went very well.

The examination took 34 minutes including a 7 minute pre-flight about what was going to happen, the weather, and his Cross-country flight plan. Actual flight time was 28 minutes. We used the share-the-aircraft feature in FSX with the host signing onto the HC FLight server.

Les performed very well, indeed. The instructors (mainly, Tommy Vestal, with Marco helping out a bit too) did a great time getting him to the examination point.

The best thing about Les completing the TPS is that he now actually knows how to fly... not just around the training squares! If you haven't read up on the PTS, it includes all of the previous maneuvers plus, pinnacle landings, slope landings, traffic pattern entry, complete radio communications, max performance take offs and make up a cross-country flight plan.

It adds a lot to the previous CP checkride.

Feedback has been extremely positive.

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