Multiplayer in Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator Online
By Jordan Moore
May 17, 2009, 10:10

Why fly online?

Simply put, the primary reason to try flight simulator online flying is the human element. Nothing can replace the immersion that is created when fellow users of Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004 are flying online with you and communicating over voice channels about the common experience.

Some people gravitate to flight simulator online because of structured flight environments such as VATSIM, a flight simulator network that offers a stricter environment with ATC services. Where each pilot and controller is an actual human being playing their part on the network.

Other Flight Simulator users desire a less structured environment where there is more freedom to try things, or to fly where ever they desire. Though certain common-sense courtesy rules are enforced, in most cases, these less structured flight simulator networks provide some freedom to fly with more your own style.

Is it worth the hassle?

For must users of Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004, the hardest part is simply getting the flight simulator multiplayer software set up for the first time. Typically, once the software is installed and configured, the actual process of connecting and using flight simulator online takes only seconds. For that investment you get the opportunity to fly with different people everday, and server provided real-world weather for Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004.

Once the flight simulator multiplayer software is installed and working properly, it is so easy to fly flight simulator online, that many users choose to connect and fly nearly everytime they get on Flight Simulator. Once you fly online with friends, it can be difficult to go back to flying alone!

What about my English skills?

The flight simulator online environment has people from all around the world. Typically, not being able to speak fluent English should not keep someone from participating. They might need to be a little more patient, and careful. But they certainly can connect and watch what is going on...and get involved. When it comes to Hovercontrol, we welcome flight simulator users from around the world. We try to be especially patient with those that struggle with fluent English.

Where can I learn more about Flying Online?

Hovercontrol offers a Flight Simulator Multiplayer Map, an In-game webcam, and other information for getting started with flight simulator online using Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004.

Our Multiplayer page can be found Here!.

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