Multiplayer in Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator Game Online
By Jordan Moore
Feb 8, 2010, 01:13

Most of the pilots participating in the flight were using real time and real weather provided by the Hovercontrol multiplayer server, which helped everyone experience the same general environmental conditions as we made our way down the coast.

Stopping at several small airports along the way, Brad was able to give us some background on each of the geographic areas. The shorts stops made the flight go by very quickly, though most of us chose to stay with the flight late into the evening.

Thanks to Brad for a well organized and executed flying event. Everyone had a great time.

Some screenshots follow:

Getting Lined up and Ready at Astoria (KAST)

11 Members taking off from KAST

Using the Hovercontrol Multiplayer Google Map to track our progress

One of our stops

Another stop as seen from the Multiplayer Map

Coming into our final stop of the night.

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